Americans Elect: A Bridge to Nowhere

Americans Elect might become noteworthy some day, but its time has not yet come.  I had some hope for it as indicated on my Bridges Page above, but now I feel badly for those who worked hard to get it up and running.

Why the change of heart?  Well, if you go to the site and check out their presidential candidates you’ll see that Buddy Roemer, a former Republican governor, is leading the pack with only 13 days left until their “CAUCUS ROUND  1” with 3715 votes.

Yes, 3715 votes.

If there are some zeroes at the end of that number I missed them.   I don’t enjoy bashing any organization which aims at bringing us together, as I would like to see bridges built among us, but something must have gone terribly wrong in this case.

I have been around for several decades and I think that if I put my mind to it and mined relatives and everyone who even kind of liked me (and their friends and friends of friends), I could surpass that number.  Especially with the discreet dispersal of a number of twenty dollar bills here and there.

I could be the leading presidential candidate of Americans Elect, even though I lack a platform.  But it wouldn’t matter.  Who wants to bother to read the platform of a candidate who only attracts a few thousand votes?

Hope has turned to sadness.  Can’t they just stop this now?  Shouldn’t baseball’s “mercy rule” be applied?

I haven’t anything against Buddy Roemer.  I saw him on a number of occasions on cable TV and he certainly seems more sensible than most of that odd assortment of candidates that came out of the Republican woodwork.  For example, one day after Donald Trump just floats up into the sky and disappears forever (my fondest hope), historians will look back and wonder how a guy could be taken seriously who was made up entirely of hot air.

On the other hand, can any of us take seriously a process that comes up with a candidate with such miniscule voter support as found in Americans Elect?   Wanting to demonstrate my willingness to work together, I voted on the site for Jon Huntsmen, even though he wasn’t a declared candidate and probably wishes that his name did not appear there.  (Hasn’t he experienced enough humiliation?) But I’d convinced myself of his presidential timber and wanted to express that in some way (*1).

I think of the Wright brothers and their failed flights before getting one to go.  American Elect may be able to go back to the drawing board and come up with a more workable plan.  I hope they do, but it will need to be much, much more workable.  At least they have a few years to work on it.

However, in this presidential election Americans Elect is, sad to say, a bridge to nowhere.


 (*1)  Actually, Jon Huntsman might want me off his band wagon.  I saw him on cable TV two days ago and he mentioned how a number of liberals had said positive things about him early in the race, which in retrospect probably doomed his chances.  The death knell was likely struck when even Michael Moore said a nice thing or two.


How About a Good Laugh Before You Go?

Is there anything funnier than our secret service these days?   One cartoonist has depicted its emblem in pink and renamed it Victoria’s Secret Service.

The funniest piece on the matter may be by Mark Steyne, whose work a right-of-center friend introduced me to a few days ago.  At first glance, Steyne appears to be a far right demagogue, which means he never let’s the truth get in the way of a point he wants to make.  However, in this matter his points are well taken. I got a good chuckle, and I hope you do, too.  You can come to dislike the man later as I plan on doing.

Click , read and then have a good day.

2 responses to “Americans Elect: A Bridge to Nowhere

  1. Richard, I don’t think John Steinbeck would approve of your use of the word ” Gobsmacked ” , I going to google the word and call a meeting for Friday night with all of our literate friends at En Fuego.

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