I Know You’re All Crazy Busy but…

At some time over the past week or so I asked myself: Are you nuts?

Whatever made you think you could squeeze your way into the densely populated blogosphere and find a following?  True, I think I have a good idea, simply by being willing to give a stark look at our broken body politic to see how it might be repaired, whether surgeries are needed, a heart transplant, or even something bionic.

Few doubt our future is in doubt.  President Barack Obama acts like he is confident, but that’s his job.  He has to act that way.  Can you imagine him saying:  “Well, folks, I gotta say we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  Anyone see any paddles out there?”  But I imagine in private moments he has said to Michelle:  “Whatever made me think….?”

In googling to expand my knowledge, I’ve come to see the error of my ways even more clearly, since there are already about a zillion web sites and blogs – many of them worth following . Along with that, I’ve belatedly realized most people have email in-boxes bursting like mine.  If you’re like me, you set aside emails you want to really pay attention to for later, and then forget you ever got them.  Now that we have all these labor saving devices, we have no time for anything,  There are a few blogs I like to read, but haven’t read them in days.  I’ve been too busy working on MY blog.

Actually, I shouldn’t whine so much, as the site had 74 hits on it Sunday , the second largest day by far since my “opening day” of 119.   (Maybe Sunday is just net surfing day for many of you).   Not bad for a baby blogger, I think.  But I want the audience for this blog to grow like crab grass.  After all my reach-for-the-stars goal is that this eventually will become a go-to web site for solid information and thoughtful opinion regarding making whole once again our broken body politic.  The one chance in a million of that happening depends on an ever growing readership.

In contemplating ways to expand the pool of sifters and winnowers, of course I first thought of adding naked pictures  or maybe providing contest prizes.  I decided instead to make a direct plea to EACH OF YOU.  That small band of brothers and sisters who like what I’m offering enough to come back for more on occasion and, HOPEFULLY, to put your reputations on the line and recommend the blog to friends.

Convincing three to check it out would be good, five would be better and 10 would be great.  A few friends have suggested that I should go on Twitter and Face Book, but since two of my life goals are to do neither, I’m putting my cyber future in your hands.  That jump up in readers Sunday suggests some of you have already answered the call and I thank you.

One friend who tweets is already working on it, and I’ve asked another to plaster kudos for my blog all over his Face Book page (though I have never looked at a Face Book page, so I’m unsure what I will be getting, or if it was even a good idea.).  Of course, if all of you drop the ball, well, I might HAVE TO try those other methods, but word-of-mouth remains the best advertising, so I’ll try this first (and really, who wants to see a 67 year old man naked?  Not me.)

If you like what I’m doing, that may be enough to coax a friend or two to check me out (unless of course they don’t value your opinion as highly as you do.  In that case, isn’t it good to find that out now, so you can find more insightful pals who will appreciate you more?).

So, I beg of you.  Help spread the word, unless of course you have concluded it would be better for the future of humankind if my words flicker and fade out of sight as soon as possible.

I can respect the authenticity of that.


P. S. – If you haven’t noticed, I put up Posts on Tuesdays and Fridays.    Also, periodically I  add information to the pages listed across the top.


7 responses to “I Know You’re All Crazy Busy but…

  1. Richard the Lionhearted, I commend you on your ABC George -whatever piece and will ask what friends I still have to join you on your crusade and read your insightful “blogs”.

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