The Debt Ceiling: Welcome to Crazy Day

I hear that 69% of the Tea Party think we do not really need to raise

Debt Payment

Debt Payment (Photo credit: Images_of_Money)

the debt ceiling in order to avoid a default on our debts.   It does seem we can squeeze out enough money to keep things going into November depending on how much money the government takes in on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean that the world won’t be shaking apart economically and financially between now and then because they have lost faith in us.

Incredibly the relatively itty bitty Tea Party is holding all the world hostage, but I still believe House Speaker John Boehner will finally break with them.  Apparently the stock market believes that, too, as the Dow  is up nearly 200 points at the moment.   As I predicted a couple of posts ago, Boehner will allow for a vote on some version of the raising of the debt ceiling and probably an extension of the budget.  Then we can breathe a collective sigh of relief for a few weeks or so.  Maybe even a few months when it comes to the debt ceiling.

With political polarization bringing us to this precipice. it seems a good time to step back and remember that a majority of us are more or less moderate, and not on the rabid right or left.    The problem is our political structure does not allow this middle to prevail.  Not that that will be corrected any time soon, but it does raise the possibility that it might be corrected SOME DAY before we really sink ourselves.

Perhaps my favorite moderate conservative columnist is Kathleen Parker.  She just wrote an editorial about this issue and a recent study confirming the notion of a majority middle, and not a nation totally polarized.

We might yet be able to get things right one day, assuming that we do not self-destruct in the mean time.  Here is Parker’s piece in the Washington Post.


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