The Destruction of Syrian Chemical Weapons: A Real News Topic

These days a rediculous amount of time is being spent by news media covering the struggling roll out of Obamacare, or officially the Affordable Care Act (in case an on-the-street  interviewer tries to trick you with the question:  Which health plan do you prefer?  ….as you are walking along contemplating what to have for dinner).

WTVD News Vehicle

WTVD News Vehicle (Photo credit: Donald Lee Pardue)

The perils of Obamacare are so talked about by the mainstream media that it is hard to resist saying something myself, but I will restrict it to this:  It is an important issue, but let’s wait awhile longer to see how things sort out.

Whatever mishmash is happening now is not real news, unlike the typhoon in the Philippines.   O. K. there is a little news there, but it is mostly filler like in many processed foods.   It is filled by the primary commitment of both parties to make the other party look bad and newscasters, especially the cable kind, who need to have something to talk about that they can make seem important enough for us to listen.   Those relatively few of us who actually do listen to any of them.

It is not news they report but steps forward in a narrative with a minor climax being the 2014 congressional elections and then the major climax being the 2016 presidential one.   These news junkies wish us to become addicted to politics as if we had money on a horserace (Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews of MSNBC come to mind in particular).

Here’s my prediction:  Within three days after the 2016  election, no matter who wins, Chuck and Chris et al will be speculating on the 2020 presidential election, and so it will go.   Doesn’t it seem a little crazy, all this attention upon who will win political races, when there seems such a disparity between winning elections and creating a government that works? (*1)

Oh….  Syria?  Remember how important it was a couple of months ago, what with the chemical weapons they have and the surprising deal to dismantle them?   (check out this post for a refresher).  I for one have been curious as to how that has been going, so I did a little Googling and was going to give you an update today, but figure this post is long enough as it is.  (I’ve noticed my posts have gotten longer of late).

So, I employ the popular news hook:

Is the Syrian chemical weapons deal about to explode?  Tune in to news at 11:00?

Er I mean, read my next post in a couple of days (or you could do some Google searching yourself if you’re impatient.)


(*1) “Works” here is meant in two ways, working together and just plain working.   Check out the House calendar  (scroll to bottom) for this month and next.  It shows a combined number of days in session as 16 over the two months.   Rachel Maddow of MSNBC has raised that issue on her show, but if some reporter has directly asked Speaker Boehner (R.) to explain that lowly figure, I have missed it.


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