My Approach to the News: A Request for Feedback

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Come April I will have been writing this blog for two years, initially posting twice a week, but more like once a week for several months now.  I am not an expert in any sense regarding what I write about, but  am more willing than most to try to sort out the news to a point where I feel I have a useful insight or two, which I in turn share with you, my readers.

What I try to do is to take some political, economic or cultural issue and shape it in a thumb nail sketch that is digestible to those leaning left or right.  We live in a time with so much information at our fingers tips spun to fit political ideologies (or at least largely shaped by them), that people are avoiding the news in increasing numbers, not only because most of it is bad, but because it is extremely difficult to make sense of anything.   And, even if sense can be made, we feel impotent to change anything.   Who needs the frustration?  But, that does not bode well for the future of this republic for reasons that are obvious.

The blog is my way of carving out a small space where moderates on left and right might find sufficient common value and comfort in my perspective to want to read more over time.   One reader sees the blog in a way that pleases me:

“I’ve enjoyed receiving (the) American Titanic blog this year. You put it together judiciously, pacing its frequency and length just right, to be of passing interest each time. I like your generously including further web-refs, for anyone wanting to follow-through on a particular subject.”

I’m happy to hear that, but of course everyone is not her.   I would like to hear from more readers as to what you like or do not like about the blog.  I am particularly interested in what turns you off about the blog, so I might consider altering my topics or at least how I approach them.  If most do not want to hear what I have to say, I had better change something.

Here is a longer response to the blog from a very close friend, Judy.   Judy’s  response isn’t gratifying like the one listed above, but gives me more to reflect upon.

Judy:   “I don’t like to read anything about the Middle East.  Nothing that doesn’t affect me or I can’t affect.  I read about technology, healthcare, education, public policy, government and human interest.  I don’t read about trauma or disasters.  I get overwhelmed by the tragedy in the world.  I just don’t want to read about it.  It is just too much. 

I also read items with which I have a personal connection.  My daughter Emily has lived in Spain, Argentina and Ecuador, so articles about them catch my attention.  Also, a friend’s boyfriend is Turkish, so I will glance at something about Turkey. “

So, what topics or the way I approach them tend to attract you or turn you away when glancing at my blog?  Please respond using the Leave a comment button at the bottom of this post.   I will “publish” a selection of comments (unless you want yours to be private) and respond to the general responsive gist in a future post.

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