Jon Stewart, the Great Coffee Cup Scandal and the Phonies at FOX

Probably you have already  seen the clip from the Daily Show a few days ago regarding the  feigned outrage at FOX  “news” regarding President Obama saluting a Marine with a coffee cup in his hand.  But it is just so brilliant I have to link you to it in a minute just in case  you missed it.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Watching cable news is probably an unhealthy addiction I have, especially as FOX tends to disgust me in its coverage while MSNBC has irritated me more and more over the years as they have become more and more  FOX’s polar opposite.

Many there are more liberal cheerleader than journalist.  They have a slogan  “lean forward.”  and call themselves  “progressives”  and often act as if one who questions their thinking is regressive.

As you might guess, I have gravitated to watching CNN more than the other two simply because they irritate me least.

But as irritated as I sometimes get with MSNBC, they do not prompt disgust like  FOX does, though I hadn’t clarified exactly why until Jon Stewart made the picture crystal clear the other night.

It is the phoniness at FOX that gets me beginning with the claim to be “fair and balanced” in their coverage.   Hah!  In the clip you are about to see, Stewart shows how phony Fox news people can be when appearing  outraged.   The folks at MSNBC at least seem honestly angry.  They are biased but not shills like so many at FOX.

In the desire of FOX management to fault President Obama for as much as they can, their puppet news people seem scripted with talking points.   The other day one of the points must have been:  Hammer Obama for showing disrespect to the troops by saluting a Marine with a coffee cup in his hand.

But enough of my reactions.    Enjoy the brilliant Mr. Stewart pop some phony wind bags at FOX via this  connection through the the Daily Kos.

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