Is it Up to Sony to Uphold our Principle of Free Speech?

I don’t think so.

I am going to finish that thought before I come to my senses.  Whatever my posts seem like to you, I weigh and measure a lot while writing them, which is one reason they have become fewer and farther between, as there is so much crisis-type stuff going on politically at home and abroad that the thought of sorting it out paralyses me.

So this time I won’t.  My Christmas present to myself today is to just say something off the cuff about the hubbub in Hollywood and Washington in reaction to Sony pictures cancelling the showing of the Interview, that comedy about the imagined assassination of what’s his name, that pug emperor of North Korea.

You certainly have heard of the cyber attack on Sony which has revealed all sorts of embarrassing information, seemingly in revenge for the movie being made.   And there have been threats of violence if the movie is shown. One way or another the evil source of all this appears to be North Korea.  Kim Jung Fun, or whatever, apparently has taken affront at fantasies of his demise.

Sony is being trashed for succumbing to actions and threats, for giving into this censorship of fear, but for those who see this as affront to the first amendment, I suggest you buy the movie from Sony (about 50 million should do it) and you distribute it to whoever is willing to take it.    Hey, if lots of people want to make a stand on our freedom to show a likely silly comedy (I don’t love Seth Rogan).   Go do it.  It’s a free country.

My thinking is that we live in world gone more wacky each day and to see everything in terms of traditional thinking that says this forced censorship and must be opposed like Patrick Henry with “give me liberty or give me death” is to me a collective jerk of the liberal knee.

Releasing the movie  or not, the damage has already been done when it comes to future movies.   Those who make movies are for the most part in the business of making money and this hack job and threat will likely be enough to make the monied backers think twice about any movie that might prompt a strong to murderous reaction by those who lack the ability to laugh at themselves.

The industry self-censors as a matter of course, as a matter of money, and this incident will be factored in decisions of future films not to make.

For example, don’t expect a remake of the Charlie Chaplin film, “The Great Dictator,” to be reshaped to fit Vladimir Putin.

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