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When it Comes to Tom Cotton Kathleen Parker Says it All

In case you don’t know, Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist who describes herself as “mostly to the right of center”, but I think of her as mostly right on the mark in her columns.   I find this is especially true in yesterday’s piece:  Tom Cotton’s grandstand play.

…..which of course is about the letter the freshman senator spear headed and 46 fellow Republican senators signed alerting Iranian leaders that any deal on Iran’s nuclear program was susceptible to be changed once Obama leaves the White House, as if these guys, several of whom have doctorates from American universities, needed to be informed of the basics of American government.

Let me cut to the chase with this snippet from Parker’s piece:

“….  ol’ Tom Cotton, who is actually the youngest senator, is wasting no time establishing himself as a party leader. Rounding up other Republican signatories, Cotton launched a bunker-buster smack in the middle of the negotiations. But to what avail?

Iran quickly dismissed the letter as “propaganda.” Democrats were forced into a partisan corner. Even the seven heroic Republicans who declined to sign the letter have been undermined as they fix their sights on a longer-term strategy to derail a bad deal.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, who did not sign the letter, has sponsored what he hoped would be a veto-proof bill requiring congressional approval of any deal with Iran. But for it to be veto-proof, he needs Democrats.

Nice going, guys”.

To me that is the fundamental point of the column, but she makes other good ones as well, so give the whole column a glance.  It’s not long and she writes so well.


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