DEAR WORLD: I’m Taking a Sick Day.

While I am trying to write, CNN, MSNBC and FOX NEWS are spending most of the morning endlessly speculating and over analyzing the fate of a German airliner en route from Spain that has crashed in the Swiss Alps.  The gist is there seems no possibility of survivors and no one knows why it crashed.

That is really all they know and it could take days before they know much more but that won’t stop them from parading endless speculations, piling new ones on old ones fully or partially regurgitated, reminding us frequently of painful facts like a couple of babies were on board and so were a group of high school kids, the sadness of it all, injecting every element of drama and “human interest” the cablization process can muster.

One cable mouth called it the “big story” of the day.   Not to me.

Really, I just told you most of the story.  It is the “big story” of the day if you knew any of those unfortunate people aboard or were tied to the event in some meaningful way, but for most of us it is a passing thought unless cable’s endless dramatization of the event has ensnared your addictive personality like a spider a fly.

I’m sick of it.

But then I have to admit I am addicted to watching news on foreign policy and somewhat less on American politics, neither of which is good for my mental health, as the world order is falling apart and the American government is increasingly sucking the fun out of dysfunctional.   So, I’m sick of that, too, but at least there are much greater possible ramifications from those events, even if I can’t figure out what they’ll be.

Like it or not, they do merit much attention.

On the other hand, I haven’t felt much like writing about real news topics over the past two weeks – I mean such topics as the nuclear talks with Iran undercut by Bibi and the Republicans in congress or the battle for Tikrit in Iraq, which is a microcosm of Iraq’s ability to degrade Isis while somehow not further alienating Sunnis by relying on Shia militias to do it.

Or take Yemen, which is a burgeoning civil war only months after President Obama cited it as a successful example of our counter terrorist strategy, now an increasingly lovely neighborhood for terrorists to blossom, not to mention other sectarian divides that may well impact neighboring states and further destabilize the convulsive Middle East.  Squeezed in between the plane crash news, I heard one expert on Fox suggest neighboring Sunni states need to band together to send an Arab force into Yemen.

Then there is Hillary and the fact that I am already tired of her campaign and she hasn’t even announced her candidacy as yet, prompting a vision of her front-running train running out of steam before the finish line.

Not to mention the Vladimir P. show, etc., etc., etc., etc…………….

Yuck.  I can’t wait until Thursday when I can resume an obsession that I at least enjoy:   Mad about March Madness.

On Wisconsin…..

6 responses to “DEAR WORLD: I’m Taking a Sick Day.

    • Thanks. It is hard enough, nearly impossible to understand much these days when it comes to world events, and the way cable TV, in particular, deals with news, makes big news out of small, just adds an another layer of frustration.

  1. YES frustration – read *Spontaneous Evolution* to cleanse (a bit of history, but an update as well and reason to be well.)

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