“Blind Sided: How ISIS Shook the World” on CNN Tonight

If you looked for the TV show listed in the title in a previous post, you know it was preempted by the protests and riots in Baltimore.  It is rescheduled to air on CNN tonight at 9 EDT and PDT (other time zones must fend for yourselves).   However, I do notice in San Diego, it will be aired at 6 and 9, so check out your local listings.   If you have been wondering what the draw of ISIS in Syria is for thousands of budding jihadists, and what life is like in ISIS controlled territories this show looks promising.   Fareed Zakaria interviews former jihadists and reporters, such as a German news man who was allowed to visit ISIS held territories and live to tell about it.

ISIS is a scourge in the world and would love to do damage to us in particular, so you might want to understand from whence they came.   If an entire hour of ISIS is too much, why not tape it and watch in more digestible pieces later.

Tom Brady and Conflate Gate

Though some get very serious about what is normally called deflate gate, I think it a puff piece blown way out of proportion that will mean little over time compared with the achievements of the accused main culprit, quarterback Tom Brady.  On the other hand It is one of the few topics that I don’t find either mind boggling, depressing or just plain boring.   So over the next few days I’ll write more about it.  If you couldn’t care less about the topic, I’ll get to the point here:   The NFL doesn’t have guidelines for their punishments.  So, whatever punishment it inflicts is arbitrary;  hence, lawless.  The NFL has a king commissioner who arbitrarily decrees one punishment or another.  And then changes the punishment if something embarrassing comes to light later, such as a video of a player knocking out his wife in an elevator.

Why even have the rule about the inflation standard for game balls when each team is given its own new set of balls to play with and are allowed to make the balls more congenial to their QB’s in other ways, such as scuffing them.  For those so concerned about breaking the rules, even silly ones, how does one decide what is a just punishment for quarterback Tom Brady for “probably” knowing about a couple of  Patriot equipment managers deflating footballs to a level of his liking.  Does he deserve more or less or the same punishment as a player involved with domestic abuse?  With or without a vivid video to grab our attention.

I’ll write more about that in a few days.  Those not interested can just ignore my next post.

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