Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid as Reality TV

O.K.  O.K.  So what if I said ’nuff said’ after calling the Donald a clown six weeks ago.  I’m a bout to say more.  Not about Trump the candidate, but Trump the political phenomenon.  I’m compelled to do this because the media could not resist dwelling on Trump’s always controversial statements which was like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Now Trump mania is raging out of control, and the clown has become the ring master of the Republican debate to be held this Thursday.  Who knows what he might ignite, least of all the Donald. As he recently said, he doesn’t plan on attacking anyone that night, that he’s a counter puncher, so the big question is how much other candidates will pounce on him, and what he’ll say to strike back (which could be just about anything).  Or will the other candidates play rope a dope,  waiting to punch back at him?  Of will they actually just try to stick to big issues, sort of talking past him and boring us all to death?

Probably that won’t happen because the Donald is not to be ignored.  One way or another he will try to make this all about him.   He’s very good at that, so how that plays out is what arouses curiosity.

Lots of style points to be awarded.

Most of the Donald’s specific attacks on others have come in response to their attacks on him.  Take Lindsay Graham and John McCain as examples.   Forget that he began the contentiousness by casting generic barbs at all serving politicians as incompetent, ineffective wafflers, his initial hat thrown into the ring under the rubric Making America Great Again.

These other guys can’t do it, only he can.  If they were nicer to him, like Ted Cruz, he probably wouldn’t have been so nasty to them,  just like there are probably some Mexican immigrants who “aren’t bad people”,….  Trumps attacks were initially general.  The dismissive responses they elicited he takes personally. So, my guess is that Trump will make this Thursday evening into some kind of metamorphosis of The Apprentice, with him firing others at one point or another.

But the Donald is unpredictable enough that maybe he will come out of this debate looking more presidential than when he came into it.   If so, the Republican Party will really be in trouble.


P. S. – I assume you realize that when I use the term “reality TV”, I do so with a sense of irony, as most reality TV is largely scripted, unlike life.  Politics today have become more and more scripted, but unlike with reality TV , many Americans don’t like the story lines.   Hence the popularity of Trump’s unpredictability.


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