Egads! I Can’t Get Donald Trump out of my Mind

I feel stricken.  I don’t want to write about Donald Trump, but I can’t get him out of my mind, mostly because I watch too much cable TV, and they won’t let me.   His ubiquitous video clips won’t let me.

I am afflicted with Donaldism.   I want it all to end but until it does I can’t stop watching.  I want to to see him take a big fall, but every time he seems to stumble, he’s like the Terminator, he just keeps going.   “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever…”   What did you say he just said?  Well, he meant nose he now says.  Who could think anything differently?  And who said what about what about that and the other thing?  Where is he now?  Where might he go next?  What might he say?

I may need to go back to therapy.

I think of Donald Trump like a wildfire in California fueled by the deep discontent of many voters like the withered bushes and trees in this state.   And each tisk tisk he receives from the Republican political establishment (and liberal press) prompts his peeps to double down.  Spit more oil in their eyes Donald.

After the dust has settled somewhat from Thursday’s debates (the preliminary bout won hands down by Carly Fiorina and the main event starring the Donald), the NBC News/Survey Monkey Poll (no, I’m not kidding about the monkey part) shows Fiorina as having won the “debate” according to 22% of likely Republican voters with Trump finishing 2nd with 18% (while his overall support for the presidency held firm at around 23%).

But here is the kicker:  While many thought he did well, even more thought he did worst of all.  He topped the who-lost-the-debate category with 29%.  Love is in the eye of the beholder.

So the Donald remains this huge sliver in the Republican party, the size of a railroad spike.  And like a sliver well dug in it’s hard to think about  anything else until you get it out.

And that could take a long time.

So, I’ll need to see that therapist again.


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