Some Thoughts About Some Things Not Trump

Donald Trump has done it again.    Just as I had become bored by his outrageous antics and his answer to every problem being how amazing he will be at fixing it, he has found a new way to grab my attention.  This morning he surprisingly acted like a normal candidate by offering a relatively detailed plan to change our tax code.   Boring out of the mouths of others but for him, Mr. Bluster, it works.  It is not what we expect and it doesn’t sound crazy like deporting millions.  He makes the plan sound attractive and possible to do by him alone, unlike those all talk and no action politicians.

This plan is a whole new shiny object to mesmerize the media this week.  I give him credit, but I’d rather think about some other things.  Not the big ticket items like the immigrant crisis in Europe, the unsolvable Mid-East mess, Putin’s machinations and the cap in trade “deal” with China recently announced.  All too much for me to contemplate right now.

And not the other half of the election, the Democratic primaries, either.  I’ve been spoiled by the Trump show.  The Dems are still in pre-production mode as far as a show goes.   I’m waiting for Hillary and Bernie to really start duking it out and for Hamlet, ur I mean Joe, to decide to be or not to be.  Or some really big, likely bad news for Hillary about her server, a word that has become synonymous with liar.

Thinking not Trump, how about the Pope, his polar opposite when it comes to craving attention.   The pontiff must make the Donald drool at the adulation accorded him in his stateside visit.   The difference is while the Donald craves attention, the Pope endures it.  It goes with his calling not something he deeply desires.  He sees his role as God’s will not his will.

Think of how endless his days have been of late.  All those events all day all the time.  What a heavy load he bears, and bears so well.  No wonder that he keeps asking people to pray for him.  A TV commentator seemed to sum him up best when saying.  “He walks in the footsteps of Jesus.”  Isn’t that as good as it gets?  Wonder whose footsteps Donald Trump walks in?

One person Pope Francis asked to pray for him was John Boehner and it changed the Speaker’s life.  At least it sped it up a bit.  He had been planning to resign at the end of the year, but felt so blessed by the Pope’s request, he resigned the next morning.  Somehow the Pope’s request set him free.  Thoughts of future anonymity made John joyous.  Of course he left the House in a mess, but his staying was not likely to improve anything.  To get a better sense of Boehner’s blessedness, check out this piece by John Costa, who talked with the Speaker the night before.

A story that rated more attention than it got (hey, it has been a super busy news period of late, I know) was President Obama selecting Eric Fanning, who is openly gay, to become Secretary of the Army.   Most surprising is the relatively little initial negative reaction, though the naysayers may just be biding their time.  Fanning has been a highly regarded military policy maker and manager for 20 years, so his credentials are strong.

If gays are to be completely integrated in the Army (“Don’t ask don’t tell” wasn’t that long ago and for most of my life being gay was basically a crime), a well qualified gay man at the helm seems a big step forward .   I like the reaction of Iraq war veteran Phil Carter, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security: “My sense is that the Army is over this and has been over it for some time. The Army cares whether you can shoot straight, not whether you are straight.”  (for more details go here).

A final not Trump item is Fareed Zakaria’s contention that Trump is wrong about China, Mexico and Japan killing us economically.    In his regular column in the Washington Post he argues “the reality is almost the opposite.  The United States is more dominant on the global economic landscape than at any point since the heyday of Bill Clinton’s presidency — perhaps even more so.”  

Unlike Trump he actually provides evidence to support his contention rather than simply asserting it as an unequivocal fact.  Zakaria, who also has a TV show on CNN Sunday mornings call Fareed Zakaria Global Public Square (GPS), is my favorite world commentator, though the competition for that honor is slim given the America-centric nature of our news.

Here is the general site in which the recent piece as well as many other interesting articles are available.


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