Syria, the Chicago Cubs, and the Democratic Debate Last Night

Syria remains news story #1 for me, but I want to write about the Cubs finally winning a post season series (only the fourth in their history) and I feel I should say something about the so-called democratic “debate”, so I’ll save Syria for now except for a brief point I’ll make at the end of this post.

Ah, the Cubs, who last won a world series before the world had ever heard of world wars.   Maybe Lincoln was president.  I can’t recall.   Last night they beat the Cardinals to win a five game series to make it to the National League finals.  Full disclosure, though I grew up in Chicagoland I can’t claim to have been a Cub’s fan all these years (my pain threshold isn’t that high), but I have friends and relatives who have been long suffering and I’m ecstatic for them.  Like the prodigal son, I’m primed to become a belated fanatical fan if they’ll have me.  Games this Saturday and Sunday for those who care.

As for last night.   First point, while there was a bit more debating than in the Republican food fights, not enough more to be significant.  These things are primarily performances which produce sound bites that either curry favor with the electorate or not.  We will actually have something like a debate (a back and forth where you actually delve into some issue rather than present only catchy zingers or verbal goofs) when these wannabes dwindle to two, one from each party.  Prior to that it’s all show business, which is why the Donald is doing so well.

Second point, I didn’t watch last night because I figured I would hear today whatever soundbites were memorable .  I have heard a number but can’t recall any of them.  I surmise because they weren’t all that memorable.  I do remember there was Hillary and Bernie and three other guys.

The general consensus seems to be Hillary had a strong performance, strong enough to likely discourage a Biden entrance in the race, and Bernie was Bernie, a likeable curmudgeon who probably pleased his base and added some more converts, but I just can’t get enthusiastic about a self-described “democratic socialist” especially one that from what I’ve heard seemed lacking in foreign policy chops.  Donald Trump can get away with that for the moment, but he is a different story,

Here is the anchor around Bernie’s neck as indicated by a recent study of voter likes and dislikes.  Fifty per cent of the sample said they would not vote for a “socialist” for president.  That was the biggest dislike margin of 11 categories below being a Muslim (38%) or an atheist (40%).   Hard to imagine climbing out of that hole.

Now that was a bit of fun.  This isn’t.   A proxy war between Russia and us is developing daily in Syria.  This isn’t same ol’ same ol’.  Even though on the surface Obama seems to be doing little, he must have OK’d shipping to rebels of our choosing a Santa size supply of anti-tank missiles while at the same time Russia is bombing those rebels while pretending to be joining us in the fight against ISIS.

Reminds me of the music lyric:  This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.




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