MY TRUMP SLUMP: Could a fairy tale come true?

When I have written a post I have always known what it is about, but I’m not so sure about this one.  I have too many unhappy thoughts vying for attention and none of them can be easily encapsulated in a post.  And then again:  Which of you are eager to hear more unhappy thoughts?  Don’t you get a big enough daily dose from our media?

The most fun for me is to write about the Donald Trump Show and its ability to remain a sell out.  It is fascinating that he has become immune to criticism as he turns it all around into just more publicity for himself.   He’s so good at turning the tables, hardly anyone even tries to lay a glove on him these days.  The maxim that “bad publicity is better than no publicity” was tailor made for him.   Even better he transforms bad publicity into good, at least for his numerous supporters, who are so sick of the status quo.

However, the fun I’ve had with the Trump campaign has become hampered by my accepting the possibility he actually could become president.   Having called him a clown in a post last June, I now thinks he rates a good shot to win the Republican nomination, and ponder whether he might actually win the presidency.  If he has been this big of a surprise, whose to say he can’t be an even bigger one?

If world events appear even more unwieldy and dangerous than they are now, Trump’s decisive, strong man, winner image may entice more of the voters than I would imagine.    In a world that has come to seem staggeringly complex, Trump’s simple solution to every problem, i. e. HIM, offers to soothe anxiety, unless you believe as I do that for every complex problem there is a simple solution…..and it’s wrong.

If I did not have a doubt in the world about Trump’s electability, I could enjoy the show a lot more.   But I keep thinking of the Pied Piper who played a magic flute that enticed all the children of a small German town to follow him away.

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