ALEPPO A DAY LATER: Catastrophe Avoided for Now

Channel surfing around cable news this morning, I saw tucked in amidst the incessant analyses of the campaigns, a report indicating a cease fire agreement had been reached in Munich,  aimed at starting within a week.  Since my post yesterday was grim I want to point out there is a ray of hope now regarding a cease fire in Aleppo, the delivery of humanitarian aid to thousands and a continuation of talks aimed at an eventual peace deal

A report in First Post (apparently an Indian/British news site) offers a number of details as well as words of caution about the agreement.   As John Kerry is quoted as saying:  “what we have here are words on paper — what we need to see in the next few days are actions on the ground.” (1)

It remains hard to be optimistic, given Russia’s pattern of making and then breaking peace deals in Ukraine as well as the complicated nature of relations among the various stake holders in the ongoing Syrian civil war.  But as Kerry said, within a few days we should have a better sense, so why not be optimistic for now and at least enjoy this weekend.


(1)   I have noticed lately that a number of sites won’t allow me to link to them, so cut and paste this:

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