The Donald Trump Show is Becoming Tiresome while Life in Syria is Sad

I have written several posts over the past two weeks, but scrapped them as not worth reading, so I’m back later than usual.   Just want you out there to know I’m still around, watching the election shenanigans and still envisioning the sure fire destruction of the Republican party this summer.

I think what I wrote in my March 2 post about the upcoming shattering still holds up and while there are some interesting twists and turns since then, there will be quite a few more, so I’m going to let things sort out for awhile longer.   OK, I will add that Trump, Cruz and Kasich all basically said last night that they will not feel bound to support the eventual Republican candidate if not themselves (at least it is clear than neither Cruz nor Kasich will support Trump, though the other two camps are not exactly chummy towards each other, either).  They have been hedging on that for some time, so it’s not exactly big news.   But it does further the argument that the post convention Republican party will resemble Humpty Dumpty after the fall.

As for the Donald Trump show, this latest episode starring his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski roughly grabbing the arm of a female reporter, Michelle Fields, and now being charged with “simple battery” is just one more attention grab by Trump. He could have defused it with a simple apology, but why would Trump ever defuse some attention grabbing situation?  It has only worked to his advantage.

Read how one of his female fans interprets this latest dust up:  “It’s all ridiculous to me because I don’t think grabbing someone’s arm to restrain them is battery,” said Carlene Summers, a 72-year-old who attended Trump’s rally Tuesday in Janesville, Wisconsin. “I used to work on a school playground and I restrained quite a few kids and I never got in trouble for battery.”

I don’t think it matters to this fan that there is an audio tape of Michelle Fields reacting to being grabbed while talking to another reporter who corroborates her story (her “almost falling” is somewhat debateable, but the other reporter says “you almost fell” in the audio, and what defines “almost”?).  There is an overhead video which, while not conclusive, seems to back up Fields’ story and there are marks on her arm that fit her statement.

Of course, Trump has said:  “How do we know she got those marks from Lewandowski?”  (A likely coincidence, Donald?)  Funny, isn’t it, the level of precision Trump demands from his challengers, while he pays little attention to getting his facts straight and ignores questions regarding the disparity.   When it comes to escaping questions himself, he’s a Houdini.   When it comes to asking questions, he’s the Grand Inquisitor.

As fascinated as I have been by the Trump show, I’m getting tired of his act.  I’ll leave it at that for now.

As for my only other recent topic, the ceasefire in Syria, I’m happy to say it is still more or less working, more in the sense that the fighting is greatly reduced and much humanitarian aid is reaching something like 50% of those besieged in contrast with about 1% before.   Also, while on hold for the moment, talks on an eventual solution are still going on in Geneva.  Unfortunately, these talks have produced no breakthroughs when it comes to a vision of moving forward with a new government.    I can’t imagine how that will change, sad to say.



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