Donald Trump and Women

Polls continue to show that Donald Trump continues to have around a 70% unfavorable rating among women and of course the Hillary Clinton camp wants to keep it that away or better still make the Donald look even worse to the ladies.  For reasons I will get into in future posts, I prefer Hillary to the Donald as president, meaning I am not eager to slam her campaign, but this attempt to paint him as an ogre towards women seems misguided.

Sure he is an old line chauvinist who sexually objectifies women, and it is no coincidence that many of the women who assist him are, how to put it, real dolls.  However, he has also given women not so physically blessed opportunities at the highest levels in his organization and as one of them has testified “he was the least sexist boss I have ever had.”   The same woman said that Trump once told her admiringly that she had a “killer instinct”, a compliment of the highest order to him it seems.

Lesson?  If you are smart enough and tough enough and unrelenting enough, welcome to the Trump team.  Who cares which bathroom you use.

He also told her that “a man is better than a woman, but a good woman is better than 10 men.”  Where do you place that statement on your scale of sexism?

My point is that Trump is a mixed bag when it comes to women and I think many women react to him differently, either now or potentially so, than the Hillary camp seems to suppose.   I have nothing to base the following on other than my general sense of things, but when I hear Hillary emphasizing the pay differential between men and women, or  what a pig (heavily implied if not exactly stated) Donald Trump is or what a historical break through it would be to elect the first woman president…..   I feel this falls on a lot of deaf female ears.

I believe for a lot of women the issues of personal safety and international and economic security trump those other issues and Donald Trump continuously hits home that he would be best at providing that security, and in doing so he comes off as bold, relentless and decisive, qualities I believe women find particularly attractive in a man.  And, just the opposite of the typical political figure.

Not that Trump’s vulgarity and narcissism  aren’t turn offs and I think women also place a high value on reliability and Trump carries a double edged sword in his emphasis on being unpredictable which, while exciting, prompts doubts in the reliability realm.

I don’t know how all that sorts out, but I think that Clinton camp is betting too many chips on the sexist angle.  Today I heard the Clinton campaign is going to put out millions of dollars of ads portraying Trump’s sexism, under the assumption that many voters are not already aware of it.


I think they are barking up the wrong tree.  While there are already plenty of never-Trump ladies, I don’t think many more will be recruited with this approach.

I think there are plenty of women out there accustomed to dealing with male chauvinism and willing to tolerate it if that male can provide a route to something they want.  In this case, a greater sense of personal safety and a brighter economic future for them and their families.

If Trump can convince women he’s their guy, that negative rating will prove as subject to revision as most people’s New Year’s Resolutions.


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