Nothing Said Matters at this Point

Someone along this dismal campaign trail said:  “Nothing matters in this election.”  I think by that he meant nothing said matters, or at least doesn’t matter much as there is a daily tsunami of B. S. to sort through and who has the energy and to what purpose?

Calling it a “post fact” election basically discounts the work of all those fact checkers working like beavers, but unfortunately their work is savaged by an over abundance of facts to check.  I for one tire of their search, for the next day there is a ton more to sort through.  Poor fact checkers.  I respect your work but you have become mostly irrelevant.

My sense of the fact checkers is that while Hillary might produce misinformation around 30%  of the time Donald does so around 80%, but Hillary is the one thought the more untrustworthy.  It is the common impression of her guilt, cultivated well over the years by those on the right, that prevails not mere facts.  Anybody can come up with so-called facts.

With nothing said mattering much, I’ll restrict my response to the thank-God-it’s over third “debate” to repeat what has been pointed out by many others.  The  “moment” to remember is Trump’s refusal, in response to questioning from moderator Chris Wallace, to say he would accept the results of this election.   He’d wait and see.

That would not seem so ominous had he not complained about a rigged election for some time now.   His surrogates, who act like English isn’t Trump’s native language, are always toning down or explaining away what he “really is saying,” in this case assuring us he would definitely accept the final results, but of course he has the right to challenge those results as did Bush and Gore in 2000 before they became final.

That sounds sensible.  But Trump has never said anything I’ve heard that comes close to that.  Instead, he keeps stating in one form or another that should he lose the election it is illegitimate, such as the time in Pennsylvania (when doing better in the polls there) that “the only way I can lose Pennsylvania is if the election is rigged.”

Despite what Trump has said to the contrary, his team of interpreters assert that when he talks about a rigged election he is only talking about the media’s conspiracy against him.  These word wizards seem to figure that if they just keep telling us what Trump is really saying, as opposed to what he actually has said, we’ll remember their words rather than Trump’s.   Sadly, they have been right all to often in this campaign.

It is not easy summing up Trump in all of his manifestations, but I think David Leonhardt of the New York Times makes a great stab at it:  “Trump has adopted the language of despots — lie-filled accusations meant to delegitimize both his opponent and the country’s entire democratic system of governance.”

I think that sums up the subject pretty well for those who care to listen.


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