American Titanic in Dry Dock for Repairs

A few days ago I took  a tumble and in trying to break the fall I broke my left hand.  I’m practicing one handed typing right now.

So, I will be out of commission for a few weeks while I concentrate on how to live a one handed life.   Tying my shoes and operating zippers are now challenges.

Frankly I welcome this as an excuse for not posting.  Our impetuous president is prompting more news than I can process.  I’ll take a broken hand over a  brain hemorrhage any day.   Also maybe the White House and world events will magically become more decipherable.   A longshot I know, but…..

Unfortunately a friend has offered to type my posts, so at some point I will feel compelled to post again.

By then I will either have learned to tie my shoes or bought some loafers.  And the weather in San Diego will be consistently warm enough to care little about zippers.


3 responses to “American Titanic in Dry Dock for Repairs

  1. I enjoy your posts as always, so I hope you accept your friend’s offer to type for you! I have been there, done that… broke my right wrist (I am right-handed) while still working and driving a manual to work… which did NOT work. Had to rely on a friend for transportation and became surprisingly agile with my left hand. To this day I prefer pouring coffee with my left hand! That was a priority…. I am Swedish, after all! Good luck with your recovery, and I look forward to your next post… which hopefully will not be in the distant future!

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