The Donald Can’t be Beat: He must Self-Destruct

As long time readers likely know I don’t love the Dems, but am a Dem by default because I, for the most part, despise the Republican Party,  increasingly so since they made a pact with the devil in his earthly form of Donald Jerk Trump.   What gets me about the Dems, though, is how they keep talking about needing to improve their message after losing to Trump…………

Trump won because his message was a fantasy that expressed the frustration and anger among many at what they see as the loss of the America they’ve known….. Like pounding a pillow in a Gestalt Therapy session, Trump is a vehicle to express their resentments.   Also, he promised the moon and everyone started imagining an abundance of cheese sandwiches coming their way.

It is not that the Republicans had a real message that beat the Dems.   The problem is many Americans believe in the possibility of simple solutions that will fix our complex problems…..or at least improve their lives.   And our boy king, as I like to think of him, has a treasure trove of simple solutions.

Or along the lines of the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,”  for our political stalemate to really change the basic Trump fan (which you do know is short for fanatic, right?) has to come to see he is naked as a jay bird.

What concerns me is it’s unclear how many of those fans have absorbed so much of the cool aid as to leave them permanently blind.

We’ll have to wait and see.

2 responses to “The Donald Can’t be Beat: He must Self-Destruct

  1. Yesterday I ran into a friend I have not seen for a while. We just looked sadly at each other and shook our heads. We knew without words what we are thinking, what we fear, what we hope for. I live in an ivory tower and I don’t meet many people who don’t shake their heads, and I still can’t wrap my mind around how the world’s most important democracy (well…..) could have voluntarily put this joker on the throne (a MINORITY of voters, that is… another subject for head shaking). But reading your posts gives me some solace. Not that you can change anything… but I always enjoy reading well-written, well-formulated, intelligent comments, proving that it is not I who stand there with a warped world-view.

  2. Trump’s ability to fully pollute our political discourse, which was tough to breathe in anyway, is perhaps the most striking thing to me about his rise. That the biggest liar of all has succeeded by convincing many that he is the lone truth teller. He is like a hurricane that we have to hope will pass without creating devastation. The greatest hope comes from his apparent inclination to self-destruct.

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