This is McCain’s Week, so Let’s Keep Trump Out of It.

I know, I know.  I brought up Trump in honoring Senator McCain in my post yesterday, but today I’m urging us all to keep further references to Trump to a minimum.  Accept to his fanatics, Trump is the polar opposite of McCain when it comes to honor, duty, country first, compassion, self-deprecating humor, the capacity to forgive, common decency  ….. qualities that befit a president.  Even though he never made it, McCain had the profile while Trump has been sorely lacking.

Trump’s a small man and a HUGE JERK.   He nixed a statement prepared by his staff praising McCain and, unlike just about everywhere else in America, the flag at the White House is not lowered to half mast in tribute  (it was for awhile, but they already raised it again).

Frankly, I like Trump’s reaction to McCain’s death because, unlike so much he does, it is not B. S.  He loathed McCain as McCain loathed him.  It would be especially phony for Trump to react any other way.   And why should he?  McCain made it known Trump was not invited to his funeral.  Was there any way to insult Trump more?

Both figures acted in line with McCain’s penchant for straight talk.

I’d just like for Trump to exit the stage now.  In these next few days I’d like to see recollections of McCain without dwelling on Trump’s reactions, which will either be non-existent or deplorable, neither deserving of attention.

Attention to Trump takes the spotlight off of Senator McCain and shines it on the little president, who deserves to be ignored as much as possible for a change.


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