Thankful for a House Controlled by Democrats

I haven’t posted for about a month, not because I have had nothing I wanted to say but I have had too much.  Too many things happening, too much speculation, too many falsehoods by the president.   But I have been paying attention.

If I were content to just make up things like the resident of the oval office does so often, it would be a lot easier.   Paying attention to facts while trying to say something about them is much harder.  Especially when the president does his best daily to obscure the truth through his twisted portrayals of what is happening and what a wonderful job he has done.

In his view, he led his party to a great victory this fall because they captured a couple of new seats in the Senate, which is a plus for their side I admit.   But he ignores inconvenient facts like the nearly 40 seats in the House of Representatives lost by Republicans, which has caused them to lose control of that body.  Of course, he blames those House members that lost, not the fact that in their districts he had lost popularity.

Today I simply want to  say how relieved I am that the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives.   For starters, the Mueller investigation seems likely to be much better protected from the president.  Come January Democrats will have the power of the subpoena as well as the ability to pass laws in the House.  They won’t continue to be voices in the wilderness.

Of course, the Republican controlled Senate and the president will be able to put checks on those efforts, but it will be a more fair fight.  We could call it a victory for our system of checks and balances, which in itself figures to halt some of the president’s worst instincts, half-baked plans and political stunts.

I breathe a deep sigh of gratitude at the thought.