Elizabeth Warren’s Candidacy Reconsidered

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been rising in the polls  and now challenges Bernie for 2nd behind Biden.  I took a couple of swipes at her in my April 22 post, but she has risen in my estimation as well.

She still comes off as a know-it-all scold, reminding a friend of mine of his mother.   But she is an authentic scold, intensely expressing her plans, of which there are many, to any gathering who will listen.  Being authentic is particularly important to disaffected voters.  And she is that.

Trump is authentically a liar and a bully, but his core supporters do not really mind because they believe he is their liar and bully.   Perhaps the Dems need a well organized scold, who in contrast to Trump, offers a clear sense of right and wrong and focuses on the future rather than the past.

You can see Warren believes in a transformation of the American economy in the direction of spreading the wealth more fairly and her plans galore are integrated in a fashion.  She deeply wants to change America, but she wants to reform capitalism, not abandon it, which draws an important line between her and many progressives.

The wisdom of her plans is debatable, but they give us something to engage with as opposed to Trump’s inflated or just made up boasts.  The primary funding option for all of her proposed plans is largely a wealth tax on the very wealthy.  That could be legally problematic for one thing.  But again that can be debated.

She has more plans and arguments to support them than her Democratic rivals, and I think her details contrast well with Trump’s empty boasts and other distortions of reality.

She is relentless in expressing her views and I can imagine her handling Trump in a debate, her plans vs. Trump’s boasts and personal attacks.  As she describes it, she comes from a family that was teetering “on the ragged edge of the middle class”.  Contrast that with Trump, who was given hundreds of millions by his father and, according to the New York Times, lost much of  it.

Certainly she would not be intimidated by the bully.  And her message definitely points to the future in stark contrast with Trump’s return to a romanticized past.  Basically a white man’s America.

While I have yet to warm up to Warren, I have come to appreciate her as a force.  And a force for good as opposed to despicable Don….

She might become an acquired taste.

P. S. – One of my concerns about Warren is that her zealotry might prevent useful compromises with Republicans.  So, I looked around for information on how she has performed in the Senate.  I found this article from the AP which gives a good picture of how well she and other Democratic hopefuls have worked with Republicans in the Senate.

She has co-sponsored bills with Republicans 39% of the time, beaten only by Amy Clobature with 50%.  This should be good news for more moderate Democrats and independents.


2 responses to “Elizabeth Warren’s Candidacy Reconsidered

  1. Climate change is going to reshape the world dramatically if we don’t act now. Inslee is the only candidate to recognize that.

    Warren is about redistribution. Inslee is the existential candidate. Act now or we don’t exist. That said 538 has lots of good stuff on Warren.

    • Well, you get to see Warren and Inslee square off, so to speak in the Wednesday debate. Making climate change his key issue does set Inslee a part, and may keep his campaign alive for now. Of course, he gets only about eight minutes to sell the idea in the upcoming so-called debates.

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