July 4th, Trump on Parade

The big news on the 4th of July was Trump acting like a fairly normal president, except for the fact no other president has made the 4th essentially about him.  At least Trump sounded somewhat presidential but that’s because he stuck to a speech on a teleprompter.  News of a sort I suppose, because he usually goes off on more tangents than a fireworks display.

Trump was apparently so stuck to the teleprompter that he wound up saying something nonsensical, a claim that revolutionary troops took over airports.  The next morning he blamed that statement on a broken prompter.  The oddity was that while giving the speech he didn’t seem to notice the irregularity and just powered on as if no one would notice.

It makes me wonder if you put a recipe for lasagna on the prompter would he just read through that, too?

When I write about Trump as I just did I feel kind of sick as none of it is really worth telling.  But that’s what I’ll remember about the Donald’s 4th.   And, like with air pollution, it does seem useful to point out when it continues to strangle us.

More noteworthy was Trump’s amble to the helicopter the next morning headed for his New Jersey resort.  With the rotating blades of the copter making everything hard to hear Trump easily fended off a gaggle of reporters who tossed questions at him.

Here he returned to his real self, the usual complement of distractions, misrepresentations, fabrications, and just plain lies in what I think of as a drive by press briefing.  Which is basically the only kind of press interaction we get these days.

A reporter yells out a question.  Trump lies.  Or just ignores it.  Another reporter screams out another and Trump says something that has been proven untrue over and over.  And then on to the next question.  Or Trump will go on some kind of tangent, often unrelated.  Something that either promotes his genius or defames someone else.

If a reporter tries to present a follow up question he or she is either ignored or Trump repeats his falsehood often saying “you all know that.”  Which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The last question Trump fielded is a good example.  The reporter asked about his assertion that President Obama had virtually begged Kim Jong Un to meet,  but Kim refused.  When asked for a source on that, Trump just repeated the claim.  It is untrue just as is previous statements that all those other fairly recent presidents wanted to meet with Kim or his dad or granddad but couldn’t pull it off.

No, no, no.  None of these presidents wanted to give Kim (or his father or grandfather)  the prestige of being treated like an equal in such a meeting.  The tin pot dictators wanted the meeting, not our presidents, formerly the leaders of the western world.  It makes me sick that Trump can continue to get away with this charade.

Trump’s whole portrayal of  what he has accomplished with Kim is, to use the technical term, BULLSHIT……  A huge metaphorical mound of it that he succeeds in adding to.

All his government has done is to quietly accept the idea that NOKO is going to have nukes while acting as if the reality was otherwise.  There is little we can do about it short of war, despite Trump’s fantasied account.   If we had a close relationship with China there would be a chance that things would be different, but we don’t.

If you were a murderous dictator like Kim would you give up the one thing that keeps you in power?  And trust the proudly unpredictable Trump to safeguard you?

Leaving the feckless questioners in the dust, Trump twirled out of town while the reporters and their anchors back at the stations pretended to make sense out of the senseless.

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