The Mueller Testimony Tomorrow

I haven’t posted for about three weeks.   Hope some of you have missed me.  There has been plenty to write about, but I haven’t been moved to tackle any of it.  Actually I have tackled some of it, but didn’t feel my thoughts were worth your time, so I scrapped them.  Like in football Trump has either run around or passed over me.  All the sham and craziness that Trump manufactures has worn me out.

At this point, I have only one concern:  Can Trump be beat and how?  I believe he is a detestable genius at marshaling our worst qualities.  It worked last time and it could work again.

Whomever the Dems choose for their candidate, it comes down to a battle between human indecency and decency.   Not left or right as has been the case.  A test as to how many of us believe that our president should, for starters, at least be a decent human being.  In my life prior to Trump, it was never an issue.

Of the many comments I have heard from Trump supporters, the one that sticks like Flex Glue is this:   “Of course, he’s despicable.  But he has done some good things.”   How many “good things” must he do to offset his becoming our dictator?

Enter Special Counsel Mueller.  What he decides to say or not tomorrow might shift the public sentiment.  The oddity is that despite his remaining the most believed figure in our political system, his reluctance to appear political may dull the impact of his truth.

Though as many others have pointed out, all Mueller might need to convince some key faction of us is that Trump’s “no collusion, no obstruction” are basically lies generated by Trump’s Attorney General Barr.

I do not know if it will work that way.   I can only hope.

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