The Mueller Hearing Calls for Less Talk of Impeachment Not More

After a few minutes watching Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify at the Congressional hearing Wednesday I thought:  “This is not going to go well.”

Mueller looked worn out, spoke haltingly and sometimes fumbled with pages of the report or whatever, while mostly referring to what was written as his final word on the subject.  The Dem Congresspeople tried to help him out by having many references at hand, but the overall look wasn’t good.

Later I recalled that I hadn’t really seen Mueller in action for months, only those often repeated clips of his walking down some corridor of power.  I’d seen vigor in the past, albeit restrained, but now it seemed that huge burden had taken its toll.  Perhaps this is melodramatic, but I’m reminded of Salmon working their way up stream to lay eggs with the little life they have left.

My guess is Mueller knew it would not work well, a fear that it would take away from the report rather than enhance it.  Liberal commentators try to see the bright spot in this foggy moment:  Well, they didn’t expect him to light the place on fire.  Just having him confirm charges made in the report was of value.

If that is true  in this upcoming month we should see a bump in those favoring impeachment.  Prior to the hearing it seemed only about one-third favored it.  My guess is if there is much movement at all it will be downward.

The drum beat for more impeachment action reminds me of many other times in history when high minded talk led to lost wars.  And here, there doesn’t even seem a chance for victory, just the opposite.   The Democrats will impeach in the House and then the Trumpublicans in the Senate will put a big thumbs down on that motion.  And Trump will carry that image of being victorious into the election.

I’m all for continued House hearings to see what might come up, but it is hard to believe anything startling will be discovered.  Lacking that lightening from heaven, less attention, not more should be paid to this vainglorious impeachment show.

The election decides the winner and that is what history will recall, not that the Democrats made a self-defeating run at our criminal-in-chief.

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