Democratic Presidential Survivor: Episode Two

If you are looking for insights on last night’s episode of “Survivor”, don’t look to me.  I’m still stuck on what many have called a good debate on healthcare.”   I saw it as a bunch of squabbling over a very complex issue that needs a lot of clarifying, so I’ll just wait until I hear more in some more or less real debate some time in the future.

I liked Amy Klobuchar, a centrist who might move up if Joe Biden shows his age again tonight.  For those who really want to look into a break down of the food fight, you can find a good one at the New York Times, where each candidate’s performance is rated like an ice skating competition.  A host of smart commentators draw their various conclusions, none really liking Klobuchar much.

According to those judges, Sanders, Warren and Mayor Pete did best, a cut above the rest.

Here’s the Times breakdown.



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