Thinking About Impeachment Hearings, but Can’t Forget Today’s School Massacre

Today another school shooting  – killing, murdering.  The lives of two high school kids ended, at last I heard.  I have to admit, these shootings have become so common I don’t react more strongly than I respond to a major car accident on the news, other than having a sick, sad feeling about the society I live in.  School shooting deaths have become woven into the American fabric of life.

I hear reporters say “we still don’t know what the motive was,” as if that was so important for us to know.

How about this generic template?   The murderer came to hate his life and blamed others for that and fantasized getting vengeance.   He’d show them.  However painfully puny and resentful one feels about one’s life, a gun can make you feel all powerful for a few moments at least.

I think that is what the Beatles were getting at when they sang “happiness is a warm gun.”  I say “he” because the killer is almost always a he, and white.  The most surprising thing about this tragedy is the killer is reported as Asian.

America was not always like this.  I believe the first mass killer in the U. S. was a guy who stabbed his wife and mother before climbing a tower at the University of Texas and then shooting many others, killing 14.

That was back in 1966. when such a thing was unbelievable.

P. S.  –   I do want to point out that, speaking tomorrow, is Marie Yovanovich, who served as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine from 2016 until May of this year, when she was recalled from her post. She is expected to vividly detail the shadow campaign Giuliani conducted to strong arm Ukraine into acceding to Trump’s demands for politically motivated investigations.

I expect her to be a formidable witness.   Her testimony is scheduled for 10:00, ET.

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