Governor Cuomo for Presidential

Seems like we have traversed at warp speed to a new even weirder and more frightening world then the one we were living in about two weeks ago.   Then my big question was:  Would Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders come together to unite the Democratic party for the presidential run?   Now, at the moment at least, both seem irrelevant.  They are barely seen or heard from.

That’s what happens I guess when a pandemic spreads at a geometric pace creating a new world of problems.   The new drama entangles the ever present mercurial Trump in a curious dance with New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo, who has become the star of the Democratic party through his impressive marshaling of resources to fight the carona virus in New York city and state.

New York has about 40% of the 166,000 carona cases in the land.  And the numbers continue to rise rapidly, which is why it is often called the epicenter of this invisible war.  However, Cuomo’s government has at least slowed down the rate of increase from doubling every two days to doubling every five or six.   Still, a losing fight at the moment, but he’s the kind of guy who gives one confidence he has a plan to win over time.

Cuomo’s plan is to slow down the virus’ growth enough in New York to flatten the curve of its progression so that our health care workers can regroup and continue the fight as the fury crosses our country.

Trump has never had a plan.  He’s relied on his feelings, like when he said he had a “feeling” that the nation could get back to business by Easter Sunday.  He abandoned that feeling, but his lack of a plan (and awareness) screams such as Trump’s handling a conference call yesterday with the nation’s governors.  When Colorado’s Steve Bullock asserted that he had only a day’s left of testing supplies, Trump acted surprised.  “We’ve tested more now than any nation in the world…..I haven’t heard about testing being a problem.” (read more  here).

Is Trump the only human in America who hasn’t heard day after day a lack of testing is a problem? A big problem.  And does he understand the meaning of per capita?   He brags that we have tested more people than South Korea?   Well, true but we have six times the population of South Korea.  In a March 9 survey of cases worldwide when it comes to tests per million people, Korea ranks second and the U. S. ranks 15th (read more here).  ……Little Bahrain was first.

I spoke of Trump and Cuomo being entangled in a curious dance.  Cuomo needs Trump’s help as do all of the governors, so he watches his words and tempers his criticism most of the time.  And praises when he can.

Much of Cuomo’s criticism comes from comparison.   Cuomo has a news conference usually around 11:00 a.m. EDT, while Trump has one later in the day.  Check them both out or just google Cuomo and Trump for lots more details.

You watch the two perform and decide who is more presidential.

Biden and Bernie: My Hope for Democratic Unity

In about one half hour Biden and Bernie will tangle in a debate, which I hope is more of a dance.   I’ve heard it said that Biden must unify the party, but I’d say Bernie is the one to decide that.  And the clues so far suggest he will go more for unity than making Biden look bad.   As he said following the recent primaries in which Biden dominated:  “While our campaign has won the ideological debate, we are losing the debate over electability.”

He figures he has lost, so his greatest desire is to beat Trump so he doesn’t want to besmirch Biden tonight.   What he wants is respect given to the platform he and his followers have been battling for.

Unlike Bernie and Hillary, Bernie and Biden are friends.   I think both will make points about the issues that matter, so we should see a real debate break out for a change.

They will cut Trump a part of course, and there might be some heated moments between them, but basically Joe and Bernie want the same thing.

BEAT TRUMP.  Tonight must end with a greater sense of party unity than division.

I hope and believe that will be the case.


No Elizabeth, You Did not Lose Because of Your Gender, You were Just Too Far Left.

I was thinking about writing a post prior to Super Tuesday, but I saw no likely outcome that I would like.  Like most, I didn’t believe Biden could become Lazarus  and rise from the dead, and if any of the others had done exceptionally well (except Amy Klobuchar, another unifier, who already had way over performed given her minimal name recognition) it would only have left the party fractious, easy pickings for our fraud king in November.  A choice between Bloomberg, the billionaire, and Bernie the socialist felt like defeat.

But like Lazarus, Biden had someone with a magic touch, Congressman James Clyburn,  who brought him to life with his backing. Clyburn is arguably the most respected black leader in the country, and his public backing did much to bring Biden back from dormancy.  His backing prompted a huge win in South Carolina.  And other states followed suit.

It has been argued that Biden was already moving up in the polls at the time, but so what.   It shows that Dems were looking for someone reliably in the center and didn’t care so much for the revolution promoted by Sanders and Warren.  And that outpouring of support seemed to rejuvenate the often ho-hum Biden.  If they could get excited so could he.  He has looked like a different man of late.

But going back to Warren and other women who want to stress how sexism robbed her of her rightful place as a candidate.  SHE TOOK 3RD IN HER OWN STATE behind Biden (who didn’t campaign there, and Sanders).  How about looking into that matter first before raising the “S” card.  Ah, Liz, before whining about sexism what’s your explanation for that dismal result ?

Warren lost because she was too far left at a time when “return to normalcy” was hungered for in response to Trump’s never ending tornado through the political process.  Daily every news cycle began with something Trump had done, not done or said.

Part of the Biden miracle was the willingness of other centrists candidates to give up their campaigns and back him immediately before Super Tuesday.  It has been rumored Obama may have had a hand in that……if so, fine with me.

Look it.  I have a lot of respect for Warren.  I could consider her in 2024.  I’m not saying gender inequity in politics is not an important issue.  What I’m saying is right now, when battling the cancer that Trump has produced in our body politic, that all eyes must be focused on defeating him.  We must form an unbreakable unity.  Once he’s gone all other issues can be debated.

I have heard Elizabeth Warren say this is not a time to think small but to think big. Wrong.  This is a time for a return to normalcy.  When the rule of law is reestablished and the courts regain respect and the press is not called “the enemy of the people.”

This is the time to right our basic sense of what America stands for.