Biden and Bernie: My Hope for Democratic Unity

In about one half hour Biden and Bernie will tangle in a debate, which I hope is more of a dance.   I’ve heard it said that Biden must unify the party, but I’d say Bernie is the one to decide that.  And the clues so far suggest he will go more for unity than making Biden look bad.   As he said following the recent primaries in which Biden dominated:  “While our campaign has won the ideological debate, we are losing the debate over electability.”

He figures he has lost, so his greatest desire is to beat Trump so he doesn’t want to besmirch Biden tonight.   What he wants is respect given to the platform he and his followers have been battling for.

Unlike Bernie and Hillary, Bernie and Biden are friends.   I think both will make points about the issues that matter, so we should see a real debate break out for a change.

They will cut Trump a part of course, and there might be some heated moments between them, but basically Joe and Bernie want the same thing.

BEAT TRUMP.  Tonight must end with a greater sense of party unity than division.

I hope and believe that will be the case.


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