“Trump is not a King,” says Cuomo. How About a Mafia Don?

Since his self-aggrandizing mostly pseudo update on the U. S. fight against the carona virus yesterday, Trump has lambasted governors for not being sufficiently appreciative for his support and having the nerve to challenge his “authority.”

For example, it angers him that New York’s governor Cuomo has stated Trump is not a king, as if Trump needed to be reminded.   But Trump acted like a king asserting his “great powers” as president to do what he wills, including “re-opening” the economy.

Legally,  Trump lacks constitutional authority to open the economy just as he had none to close it.  (These are the realms of governors.).  Trump didn’t even want the responsibility for closing the economy of states.  He might be blamed then, and he always avoids taking responsibility for anything, except whatever seems praiseworthy after the fact.  But now he wants credit for those successes and pretends he has the authority to open businesses in those states.

I believe that when Trump says he has the final authority on all such measures, he is not talking about constitutional authority, but the authority of fear, the kind of authority a mafia don possesses.  He is saying in, reality, he can make things so tough on the governors that they had better heed his wishes.  That’s what “authority” means to Trump.

That’s Trump’s vision of being a leader.

At these briefings Governor Cuomo does a good job of walking the line, praising Trump while stopping short of ingratiating himself by allowing key Trump falsehoods to stand.  As he said this morning, “I don’t want to fight with the president.  This is too important for that.”  But he could not let Trump’s kingly behavior stand unchallenged.

If you haven’t checked out Cuomo’s morning TV updates on New York’s battle with the pandemic, please do.   They are usually on daily about 8:00 a.m. PDT.   As I’ve asserted before, Cuomo acts like a president, including an overall strategy for beating the virus back.

The more you watch both president and governor, you will likely see the latter has a plan to beat this virus, while the former keeps defending what he has done and not done about it, while claiming a lack of respect for his “great” efforts and spouting off on the need to open the economy.

Trump has a goal with no plan.   Cuomo has both.  Watch him and you’ll see.

P. S. – There is a dynamic at work regarding the Cuomo press conferences that I find interesting yet not commented upon in the media I’ve seen.  Fox News carry’s the Cuomo updates and I know a couple of regular Fox watchers who find Cuomo to be “OK”, unlike any other Democrat.  Don’t know what this means in terms of the election, but Cuomo has made himself a player in some way.

I’ve seen some whimsical thinking about how it would be nice to have Cuomo as the Dem candidate instead of Biden.  Obama gave his support to his former VP today.  That would seem to seal the deal, but it certainly would be nice to see Cuomo a lot as Dem attack dog during the presidential race.


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