Obama calls Trump’s Response to the coronavirus “an absolute, chaotic disaster.”

I could not have described it any better Mr. President.   Glad you’re getting warmed up for the big fight to dethrone the boy who would be king.  We need a lot of you now as your buddy Joe is sort of trapped in his basement at the moment, a bad look but he’s in a tough spot.  He’s just not in the center of the action right now.

As always, Trump is in the center of the news because his main goal is to be there.  He’s great at doing or saying something controversial which gets top news billing because he is the president.  In contrast to him is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who has basically been the banner carrier of the Democratic party of late as he has shown the nation in his daily press conferences what a real leader looks like as opposed to president putz.

Cuomo has been the text book leader in turning the virus around in New York city and state.  A real leader takes charge, tells the truth (sure often with some positive spin) and takes responsibility for his actions, as President Harry Truman summed up with a sign he kept on his desk:  “The buck stops here.”   With Trump the buck never stops with him.  If it’s a problem it’s someone else’s fault.

Trump’s response to Obama’s criticism is predictable: he trashes him.  Deflecting from his own incompetence, Trump hangs that label on Obama.  And he ups the ante by asserting some crime Obama committed, while refusing to state what it is.  “You know, ” he tells reporters.  “You know.”

I’d love to see a chorus from reporters ring out:  “No, we don’t.” (and we suspect neither do you.)

Trump’s phony act is so obvious, but he keeps the press at bay with his ability to churn up enough outrageous news bits as to keep reporters buzzing about and failing to land on something, some one thing to demand an explanation of.

How about this topic?  Trump continually brags about what a great job he’s done vs. the virus.   But, according to the News Tribune:  “The United States and South Korea each reported their first confirmed case of the coronavirus to the World Health Organization on Jan. 20.”

Since then around 300 South Korean’s have died of the virus, compared to around 90,000 Americans.  We have about eight times their population, so to make the comparison fair and square, let’s make the situation per capita and say if South Korea had our population, they would have lost about 2,400 people.

90,000 to 2,400………………..  Still, a huge disparity.  REALLY HUGE!  Please, reporters unite.  Demand Trump explain that statistic in the face of his bragging about what a great job he’s done.  Bring this up over and over a gain, like a dog with a bone.  Keep biting and don’t let him deflect the questioning elsewhere.

Trump deflects by blaming Obama for leaving him “a bare cupboard” of pandemic supplies” and nothing else.  At least the Obama team left him with a basic primer of suggestions of what needed to be attended to and an office within the National Security Council whose job was to track potential pandemics world wide.

Trump ignored the suggestions and closed the office.   Also, he has had over three years to develop his own plan to battle pandemics.  What’s Trump’s plan?  Open up the economy willy nilly and see what happens while gambling on a vaccine developed soon enough to save us?

Again I would like reporters to demand an explanation for why 90,000 carona deaths here, while South Korea has had about 300 (or an adjusted 2400 if we add the population differential).

Please reporters, bring this up the next time Trump claims he has done a great job battling the virus.

P. S. – My link above to the News Tribune is worth following as that news source gives a brief description of what South Korea did and we did not.

Coronavirus: How We Dry Our Hands is also Important.

We’ll get to drying hands shortly, but right now I want to vent a bit.

It is all too much for me.  The capper in this time of crisis is the horror of a man who is supposed to be our leader apparently only concerned with making himself look good.  So while doing too little to keep us safe or at least make us safer, Trump’s greatest efforts are directed to avoiding blame. 

China gets the most blame at the moment, and of course WHO who has been soft on them and President Obama, who Trump blames for leaving the cupboard bare when it comes to anti-virus tools (leaving out his role in dismantling what Obama did leave in place).  Of course the fake news, the deep state (especially the corrupt FBI) and of course the Democrats in general for pressing their witch hunt against him throughout his presidency, taking his attention away from important matters………like anti-virus preparation……  

Back in February or so Trump pointed to the virus as one more hoax by the Dems to slur him.  And dismissed the virus as something we had under control.

Whatever……………….   I just can’t stand looking at the big picture sketched and scribbled and erased and blurred by Trump….all to make him look good.  The years of Trump have felt increasingly surreal, but now they have made our lives unbelievable.

We tend to look normal but aren’t.  We stay at home a lot more, take a walk as a high point of our day, watch TV escapism  (and as much virus news as we can stand) and zoom togetherness and just hope for better to return.  What used to be an informal togetherness we experienced most days is now the occasional intermittent well spaced greeting to strangers.

I am anxious about us holding our own if Trump’s twisted reality takes hold of too many voters this November.  Perhaps science can save us with a miracle drug, and maybe Trump’s presidency, too, which would be so ironic, since he usually down plays the weight of scientific evidence (because it undermines his wishful thinking).

Anyway…………  Besides venting my anxiety I’d like to add a little something to our anti-virus fight.  We are often reminded to wash our hands often to keep the virus somewhat contained, but seldom do we see much about the importance of how we dry our hands.  Perhaps you have questions as I have:

At home can we just use the same towel? Or should we use different ones.  How important is our getting our hands real dry.  (clue: real important).  How can we make simple home sanitizers?  What about using blow dryers in public rest rooms?  Are paper towels the best way to go?  Etc. etc.

I don’t want to mislead you with faulty explanations, so it seems best for you to search the article linked below for answers to the above questions and more: article in Business Week.

It was published back on March 9, 2020, but I’ve read more recent pieces and still think this one gives you the best overall view. (It also links to other information.)