Coronavirus: How We Dry Our Hands is also Important.

We’ll get to drying hands shortly, but right now I want to vent a bit.

It is all too much for me.  The capper in this time of crisis is the horror of a man who is supposed to be our leader apparently only concerned with making himself look good.  So while doing too little to keep us safe or at least make us safer, Trump’s greatest efforts are directed to avoiding blame. 

China gets the most blame at the moment, and of course WHO who has been soft on them and President Obama, who Trump blames for leaving the cupboard bare when it comes to anti-virus tools (leaving out his role in dismantling what Obama did leave in place).  Of course the fake news, the deep state (especially the corrupt FBI) and of course the Democrats in general for pressing their witch hunt against him throughout his presidency, taking his attention away from important matters………like anti-virus preparation……  

Back in February or so Trump pointed to the virus as one more hoax by the Dems to slur him.  And dismissed the virus as something we had under control.

Whatever……………….   I just can’t stand looking at the big picture sketched and scribbled and erased and blurred by Trump….all to make him look good.  The years of Trump have felt increasingly surreal, but now they have made our lives unbelievable.

We tend to look normal but aren’t.  We stay at home a lot more, take a walk as a high point of our day, watch TV escapism  (and as much virus news as we can stand) and zoom togetherness and just hope for better to return.  What used to be an informal togetherness we experienced most days is now the occasional intermittent well spaced greeting to strangers.

I am anxious about us holding our own if Trump’s twisted reality takes hold of too many voters this November.  Perhaps science can save us with a miracle drug, and maybe Trump’s presidency, too, which would be so ironic, since he usually down plays the weight of scientific evidence (because it undermines his wishful thinking).

Anyway…………  Besides venting my anxiety I’d like to add a little something to our anti-virus fight.  We are often reminded to wash our hands often to keep the virus somewhat contained, but seldom do we see much about the importance of how we dry our hands.  Perhaps you have questions as I have:

At home can we just use the same towel? Or should we use different ones.  How important is our getting our hands real dry.  (clue: real important).  How can we make simple home sanitizers?  What about using blow dryers in public rest rooms?  Are paper towels the best way to go?  Etc. etc.

I don’t want to mislead you with faulty explanations, so it seems best for you to search the article linked below for answers to the above questions and more: article in Business Week.

It was published back on March 9, 2020, but I’ve read more recent pieces and still think this one gives you the best overall view. (It also links to other information.)

2 responses to “Coronavirus: How We Dry Our Hands is also Important.

  1. According to Dr. Radio (from NYU)
    If you have used soap and water and done an adequate job of washing your hands, your towel should be fine for repeated use.

    Don’t go crazy. Your hands were virus free (relatively) when you dried them. The towel is relatively virus free, too.

    Relax a little.

    Mostly we have to worry about enclosed spaces for prolonged periods. In short, grocery shoppers are at relatively low risk, but grocery workers, who are in the same building for hours, would be at increased risk.

    Be safe.

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