Trump’s Washington Bedlam Boogie

Hard to believe, but the rate of neurotic noise produced by Trump seems to have actually increased several more decibels this past week to the point my brain waves are almost completely jammed.  For starters Trump’s Inviting the Taliban to come to Camp David for peace talks around 9/11, to such a hallowed meeting place for world leaders and at such a remarkably bad time, unknown to the general public (meaning us) until he changed his mind.  Don’t ask why?  He gives a reason, but probably it can’t be believed.

Perhaps the oddest thing about this supposed meeting is we might have not heard of it, and its cancellation, had not Trump tweeted about it, as if he wanted credit for at least trying something new even though he backed out.  It is the appearance of doing something well that counts to him, not actually achieving it.

Or take his refusing to admit he was just plain wrong (or at best several days out of date, a danger in itself) about the hurricane threat to Alabama and then played innocent like a boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar when a reporter asked about what looked like an expansion of the hurricane zone made with a Sharpie like, ah, the one that sits on his desk…………..

I could go on, but I don’t want to. I tried yesterday and just got immensely frustrated grappling with it all.  I just want to repeat over and over the man is nuts.

Of course my walking around repeating Trump is nuts makes me look pretty nutty, too.  So, instead I have looked around in search of someone else to give some depth to this past week and found a piece by Tim O’Brien of Bloomberg Opinion which covers the ground much better than I could.

If you want my mutterings to be fleshed out Google:  Tim O’Brien, Trump,  Taliban, and you’ll see links to the article.  The site seems to be blocking my attempt to link you to it.

BREAKING BEDLAM!   Trump fired John Bolton his latest Director of National Security this morning.  Bolton is a hawk who hasn’t found a war he doesn’t like, to paraphrase someone I can’t recall.  Normally I would be happy to see him go, but at least Bolton has some sense of the difference between reality and a TV reality show.

……………..and Trump does not, or just does not care.   As long as he can make himself look good in the process.  Bolton at least challenged some of Trump’s delusions.  Now I can’t think of anyone in the administration who will.

That’s scary.


“Fox Isn’t Working for Us Anymore.” Tweets Trump.

Liberals have been calling Fox News Trump TV for months now.   What is surprising is to see Trump agree.  By complaining that Fox is no longer working for him, he is implying they once did.  A curious admission, but it fits the Trump world view that everyone should be working for him and the envy he often shows of those strong men in other countries who can more easily get things done.  Autocracy is so much more simple than democracy.

And Trump, despite his unpredictability, is a simple man.

What spawned that Trump tweeted complaint was a number of comments by Fox News hosts that Trump did not like, including Shepard Smith’s stating categorically that Trump is not telling the truth about new wall going up rapidly on the southern border.  In fact, there has been no new wall, only the replacement of about sixty miles of old wall.  Period.

Smith has also pointed out that Trump is not telling the truth about some 90 billion that supposedly went to Puerto Rico for disaster relief, of which they have actually received about 14 billion.

And Smith has called false Tucker Carlson’s claim that white supremacy is a hoax.  Tucker is one of what I’d call the Fox Views side of the network.  He, along with Hannity and Laura Ingraham, form the evening lineup that really goes to bat for Trump and vice versa.

Of course, liberal media have made the same points as Smith, but we expect that.  The more Fox News concurs with the other two major cable networks, the more possible is conversation based upon commonly recognized facts, without which there can be little conversation.

Here is my main point,  Trump TV is not Fox News, but those who constitute Fox Views, the big three mentioned above along with others who primarily state opinions, while usually critical of liberals and uncritical of Trump’s world of alternative facts.

As Trump continues to repeat and expand his fantasy land, my hope is that the Fox News side of the network will feel compelled to point out the lies as they have done for some time but not as frequently as recently.   The more lies, the more coverage of the worst of them?

Here is a link to Smith’s dismissing Trump’s wall claims among other things.  Scroll down to find the short video of Smith’s dismantling Trump’s lie.

Finally, I suggest you check out Smith’s one hour news program Mon-Friday, noon Pacific Time on Fox.




I Don’t Know About Good ‘Ol Joe….

Talking about Joe Biden, who I think has stayed one dance too long at the ball.  I think Joe your time has past.  You do not express the vitality you showed in accepting the VP nomination seven years ago (look at your 2012 acceptance speech) and though the current president may be only one Big Mac short of a heart attack, he looks more vigorous than you (a friend speculates some Botox help).

You look like a guy who wants to rest on your laurels.  And everything about you smacks of the past, so the age factor is not simply a matter of vitality, but of world view.   A fair account of your long political life would show much to praise, but this is a what-have-you-done-for-us-lately society.

You bring up the past too much, and how close you were to President Obama, being his right hand man.  Basically your campaign is “back to normalcy”.   Trump wouldn’t have been elected if so many people loved normalcy back then.

I recall a number of friends who voted for Trump, but would have chosen Bernie if they had the choice.  They wanted change from whatever corner.  I think the desire for trying something different remains.  Hard to know to what extent, but my sense is that it is key.

So, Joe what can you come up with in the primary “debate” in a couple of weeks?  Is there anything new in your play book?   And can you relocate some of that fire from a few years back?  Can you make your experience look presidential instead of just old?

P. S.  I know, as Trump unravels, “normalcy” might become valued like diamonds, but something more than that seems necessary to win the Democratic nomination.  And if Trump and the economy do hold together, i. e.  hold their own, offering something new and different might be just what the Democrats need to tip the balance their way.

Donald Trump, the Chosen One?

I have written and rewritten and trashed several posts over the past two weeks, because things kept changing so fast in Trumptopia I couldn’t figure out where to land.  He has produced a record amount of gibberish, especially over these last two days, so I’ve given up writing about it and sought help.

I’ve looked around for something that gives an overall gist of Trump’s ever wackier state of mind.  I think this article in the Guardian, a liberal English news source, captures Trump’s general state of incoherence quite well for those who want a momentary big picture of our little president.

Thanks Guardian.

Trump’s Poisonous Indecency Bears Fruit

In 2015 he began his presidential campaign by sliming Mexican immigrants here illegally.  He went on to provide numerous reminders of his indecency not just towards people of color but towards anyone who criticized or challenged him.  I understand when fellow Americans’s call for legal immigration, and reject illegal, but the matter is much more complex than Trump’s portrayal of many bad Mexican migrants and few good ones.

He has developed a drum beat to the effect if you are here illegally, you are our enemy.  Actually, less of an enemy than our fellow citizens according to several reports you can find by googling the subject.  You want to really keep safe, keep a closer eye on your fellow Americans.

What a sad irony that at this moment when a president is normally looked to for moral leadership we have precisely the wrong man for the job.  A guy who will deny any connection between his ceaseless attacks on Latinos fleeing to this country and what has just happened in El Paso.  The mass murderer’s screed on the internet could have been written by Trump.  You doubt that?  Let’s recall how Trump kicked off his presidential campaign back in 2015 with the following:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

With so few “good” Mexicans, it makes sense to the deranged mind to kill off as many as possible.  And so this man did.

Trump has followed an indecent campaign with an indecent presidency.  Whatever our political differences, can’t most of us agree that at base we want a president with a common sense of decency?


P. S. – Mind and soul numbing news today about a second massacre, this time in Dayton, Ohio.  I’m feeling that a massacre per week could become part of the American fabric, like our accepting maybe 40-to-50,000 deaths per year on our roads.  Collateral damage of our way of life.

Unlike El Paso, this Saturday evening assault doesn’t seem to relate to past Trump attacks on  Mexicans.  Instead this seems to reflect his inclination to attack blacks.  The gunman reportedly shot his white sister, while the other victims were mostly black.  That suggests that race came into play.

An elected racist, xenophobic president.  Oh, America, can’t we do better than this?

The Mueller Hearing Calls for Less Talk of Impeachment Not More

After a few minutes watching Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify at the Congressional hearing Wednesday I thought:  “This is not going to go well.”

Mueller looked worn out, spoke haltingly and sometimes fumbled with pages of the report or whatever, while mostly referring to what was written as his final word on the subject.  The Dem Congresspeople tried to help him out by having many references at hand, but the overall look wasn’t good.

Later I recalled that I hadn’t really seen Mueller in action for months, only those often repeated clips of his walking down some corridor of power.  I’d seen vigor in the past, albeit restrained, but now it seemed that huge burden had taken its toll.  Perhaps this is melodramatic, but I’m reminded of Salmon working their way up stream to lay eggs with the little life they have left.

My guess is Mueller knew it would not work well, a fear that it would take away from the report rather than enhance it.  Liberal commentators try to see the bright spot in this foggy moment:  Well, they didn’t expect him to light the place on fire.  Just having him confirm charges made in the report was of value.

If that is true  in this upcoming month we should see a bump in those favoring impeachment.  Prior to the hearing it seemed only about one-third favored it.  My guess is if there is much movement at all it will be downward.

The drum beat for more impeachment action reminds me of many other times in history when high minded talk led to lost wars.  And here, there doesn’t even seem a chance for victory, just the opposite.   The Democrats will impeach in the House and then the Trumpublicans in the Senate will put a big thumbs down on that motion.  And Trump will carry that image of being victorious into the election.

I’m all for continued House hearings to see what might come up, but it is hard to believe anything startling will be discovered.  Lacking that lightening from heaven, less attention, not more should be paid to this vainglorious impeachment show.

The election decides the winner and that is what history will recall, not that the Democrats made a self-defeating run at our criminal-in-chief.

The Mueller Testimony Tomorrow

I haven’t posted for about three weeks.   Hope some of you have missed me.  There has been plenty to write about, but I haven’t been moved to tackle any of it.  Actually I have tackled some of it, but didn’t feel my thoughts were worth your time, so I scrapped them.  Like in football Trump has either run around or passed over me.  All the sham and craziness that Trump manufactures has worn me out.

At this point, I have only one concern:  Can Trump be beat and how?  I believe he is a detestable genius at marshaling our worst qualities.  It worked last time and it could work again.

Whomever the Dems choose for their candidate, it comes down to a battle between human indecency and decency.   Not left or right as has been the case.  A test as to how many of us believe that our president should, for starters, at least be a decent human being.  In my life prior to Trump, it was never an issue.

Of the many comments I have heard from Trump supporters, the one that sticks like Flex Glue is this:   “Of course, he’s despicable.  But he has done some good things.”   How many “good things” must he do to offset his becoming our dictator?

Enter Special Counsel Mueller.  What he decides to say or not tomorrow might shift the public sentiment.  The oddity is that despite his remaining the most believed figure in our political system, his reluctance to appear political may dull the impact of his truth.

Though as many others have pointed out, all Mueller might need to convince some key faction of us is that Trump’s “no collusion, no obstruction” are basically lies generated by Trump’s Attorney General Barr.

I do not know if it will work that way.   I can only hope.