“The Craziest Thing in the World”

As you may well know, those words in the title were expressed Monday by former President Bill Clinton describing an aspect of Obamacare that hurts small businesses in particular.   Clinton was not saying the whole plan is the craziest thing in the world, only one specific aspect, but no matter, nuances have no place in our scary new world of post truth politics (1).   What’s valuable is a video clip that creates a gotcha moment that can be fashioned into a weapon in the game of political survivor.

What’s really crazy is Bill Clinton’s handing the Trump camp a video hand grenade for future attacks on Obamacare and Hillary Clinton’s support of it.   Barack must love that.  It reminds me of Bill’s paying a visit on that airport tarmac to Attorney General Loretta Lynch who was, after all, in overall charge of an investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s emails.  No matter what actually took place, the optics were awful.

For a guy who is widely lauded as a great politician, such moves are so jaw dropping they prompt questions as to whether somewhere in his psyche Bill doesn’t want his wife to win (maybe he can’t cotton to being the First Gentleman)  and/or is unconsciously undercutting Obama’s legacy so it won’t surpass his own.

I’ll stop with the penny psychology, other than add:  Hey, maybe he’s just getting old and at times loses track of where he is and what he’s doing.  I’m a year older than he is (71) and I can relate to that.

Whatever,  my belated point today is – surprise, surprise – this presidential election is altogether crazy,  literally so, eerily so, with some wackiness in Bill Clinton being only one small part.   Throughout the campaign there has been speculation that Donald Trump doesn’t really want to win (you can google that) and, actually, that wouldn’t surprise me because being president is a hell of a lot of work and trouble.  And it could be even harder for Trump since he has promised the world to so many who will not take it kindly if he fails to deliver.

It seems much more fun being the guy who can complain the rest of his life of how he was robbed of the presidency and just keep drawing attention and raking in more money in the process.   Maybe what are often called his missteps is Trump’s way of stacking the deck against his chances of winning.

That so many Americans believe Trump’s fabrications and find excuses for every outrageous thing he says or does – possibly enough Americans to put him in the White House -is also crazy to me.   In a way I understand it, but it is still crazy.  As is the fact, dealt with in my previous post, there is actually a battle over who and what Trump is between most of our major newspapers and the Trump disinformation team.

I could go on and will more often than usual over these closing weeks of the election because “the craziest thing in the world” is not some aspect of Obamacare, but this election.


(1)  When it comes to knowing, “truth” is an ideal that is beyond our grasp but gives us direction.   It points to a destination we can never quite reach.  But without including nuance we cannot not even come close to knowing.  As the well known novelist, spy writer, John Le Carre wrote in the preface to his autobiography: “Real truth lies, if anywhere, not in facts, but in nuance.”

Clinton vs. Trump: The “Thrillah” at Hofstra

Hillary Clinton in one corner and Donald Trump in another, finally about to hit each other with barbs face to face instead of just lobbing insults back and forth via the media.   There has been a huge amount of speculation about this event.  A ton of thoughts on what each must do to win or might do to lose.   It  makes my mind blare and ding like a pin ball machine.

On the other hand, my gut makes me say:  Get’im Hillary.  Get’im.

Amidst the maze of thoughts let’s be clear about one thing.   What  most of us think of this debate doesn’t matter as most of us already have made up our minds.  I’d guess around 80%.   According to the New York Times/CBS News poll about 8 percent of registered voters remain undecided, but I believe they underestimate human irrationality, so they underestimate the per cent of undecideds who might flip an emotional coin entering the polling booth, perhaps surprising themselves with their choice.

Many people respond to polls in terms of what others think reasonable, not in terms of what they feel.  They vote according to what they feel.

That’s enough for now.  I’ll say more after digesting the results of tomorrow night’s fight.


P. S. – Word has it that Hillary has been prepping for the debate against at least two imagined versions of Trump.   She got some additional practice on  “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis last week showing deftness in dealing with questions and innuendos springing from outer space.

You can decide for yourself or at least get a laugh by going  here and then scrolling down the piece to find the video clip.