Clinton vs. Trump: The “Thrillah” at Hofstra

Hillary Clinton in one corner and Donald Trump in another, finally about to hit each other with barbs face to face instead of just lobbing insults back and forth via the media.   There has been a huge amount of speculation about this event.  A ton of thoughts on what each must do to win or might do to lose.   It  makes my mind blare and ding like a pin ball machine.

On the other hand, my gut makes me say:  Get’im Hillary.  Get’im.

Amidst the maze of thoughts let’s be clear about one thing.   What  most of us think of this debate doesn’t matter as most of us already have made up our minds.  I’d guess around 80%.   According to the New York Times/CBS News poll about 8 percent of registered voters remain undecided, but I believe they underestimate human irrationality, so they underestimate the per cent of undecideds who might flip an emotional coin entering the polling booth, perhaps surprising themselves with their choice.

Many people respond to polls in terms of what others think reasonable, not in terms of what they feel.  They vote according to what they feel.

That’s enough for now.  I’ll say more after digesting the results of tomorrow night’s fight.


P. S. – Word has it that Hillary has been prepping for the debate against at least two imagined versions of Trump.   She got some additional practice on  “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis last week showing deftness in dealing with questions and innuendos springing from outer space.

You can decide for yourself or at least get a laugh by going  here and then scrolling down the piece to find the video clip.