The G19 Plus One

If you guessed our boy king was the one, you guessed right.  There was the G19 meeting and also the Donald Trump show.   The G19 affirming the Paris climate accord and showing a general desire for free trade and the Donald paying no attention to either and conducting a bunch of photo ops with the heads of some of these states.  Sure he had meetings with them, but who knows what came out of each, if anything.

Of course the meeting that drew the most attention came with Vladimir Putin which many in the media deemed as “momentous”.   Momentous showmentous.  How momentous can it be when two of the world’s foremost liars get together?  Smile and shake hands without wrestling?   Show harmonious body language?  Post meeting statements show they even have different stories when it comes to Russian meddling in our elections.  The interpretation of our Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was that the Donald “pressed” the Russians on the point, while the Russian interpretation was he “accepted” Putin’s denials.

Tillerson tried to clean up the difference by suggesting it was wise not to stick with the issue, but to move on to possible areas of cooperation.  Apparently they came to some agreement on a cease fire in the southwest corner of Syria, which is pretty measly all things considered….and that is hoping against hope it will hold, unlike all previous cease fires there.  At best it is one baby step, with a good chance of the baby falling on his head.

As to whom to believe about Trump’s pressing Putin on election tampering, I believe the Russian account simply because it makes more sense.   Trump has continuously called assertions of Russian election tampering a “hoax” and demeaned our intelligence agencies in the process.  They say they know.   He keeps saying nobody actually knows.  Something he did again the day before in a speech in Poland.

Does this sound like a guy who would get on Putin’s case on election tampering that surely helped him?  When has he ever really gotten on Putin’s case for anything?  He saves that for our withering allies.

Things have become so wacky in the kingdom of Trump that usually smart people have begun to imagine things.   Veteran political insider and regular CNN guest David Gergen praised Trump for acting “presidential” in his meeting with Putin because they reportedly dealt with issues of hacking and cyber attacks and working together in Syria.  He also liked the fact the meeting lasted much longer than projected suggesting it showed they delved deeper into the issues.

No David, it shows nothing.  First, the idea that they would meet for a half an hour or so was ridiculous, given that interpreters were involved cutting actual discussion time to more like 15 minutes.  So, a two hour plus meeting was really about an hour plus.  Given the complexity of these matters, do you really think, David, they dug deeply into anything?

And reportedly no notes were taken, so how will we ever know what was actually said?  There were only six guys in the room.   Two presidents, two foreign secretaries and two interpreters.

David apparently was only half blind as later in the day he said on CNN that this was the first time he had seen an American president come to a G20 meeting “no longer regarded as the world leader.”  Now that’s the real news.

In a few short months Donald Trump has knocked America’s long held world stature off its pedestal.   The attention our boy king gets by seeming to act presidential is laughable in comparison.  It reminds me of that commercial………   “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV….”

Playing the president on TV doesn’t make you the president, either.  Even if you have garnered all the trappings.