Gone Fishin’ in Egypt

Topographic map of Egypt. Created with GMT fro...

Topographic map of Egypt. Created with GMT from SRTM data. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Naw, I’m actually right here in San Diego at a lap top writing to say I’m not going to write much.   I had an operation a week ago and recovery has preoccupied me since then.  I am actually feeling quite well now, but I find writing something worthwhile to read today to be a chore too big to tackle.  I’ve tried, but haven’t like what I came up with.

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking more about the Muslim controlled Mideast than our national political theater, but find it all beyond comprehension other than Syria is a forest fire that could burn out of control igniting other fires in the region and Egypt has become another wild card again.

Not that I’m sorry to see Prime MinisterMorsi (Morsy) and his Muslim Brotherhood ideology go, relieved a bit actually, but who knows whether the military will have the wisdom to guide the country to a stable form of democracy, especially as the country’s problems are huge and the people impatient.

The unique advantages of our own  revolution compared to those that followed us is not pointed out often enough.   We were not a land populated by many poor people who expected a new government to raise them out of poverty.  So, there was not the same pressure for the government to change lives as has been the case in every revolution since then, to my knowledge.  We also had training wheels in self-government, a legacy of England.  It was second nature to us.  The concepts and proceses of a Republic had been developed over hundreds of years in England.   Except for the final act of making the king just a titular head of government.   That would come late there.

Those are the foremost reasons it is so hard to get a new democracy up and running.  It is nearly impossible to satisfy the people soon enough, especially when creating democratic processes at the same time.  I just hope the Egyptians some how find a way to beat the odds.