Donald Trump: A Winner Even When he Loses

As if he had a magic wand Donald Trump has shown an amazing ability to twist most issues to fit his narrative that he alone can “Make America Great Again.”  Even when he says something outrageous, maybe especially when he says something outrageous, he manages to reshape it, through the many media follow-ups into something that suits his overall narrative which, of course, is always very complimentary toward himself and disparaging toward his critics.

In essence this narrative revolves around a vision of a fading America governed by the incompetent puppets of special interests …susceptible to be taken advantage by …well, all sorts of countries and people….you fill in the blanks…..a rigged system which can only be reformed by an amazing guy who only wins, wins, wins:  Donald J. Trump.  Of course, there are all sorts of other factors that make this act so effective, but this is a post, not a book.

What Trump is so adept at is taking any situation and translating it into a form of self-promotion (at least in the short term).    Take his recent trouncing in the Colorado delegate race by Ted Cruz which understandably Cruz has crowed about as an example of Trump not being the “winner” he claims to be.  Cruz swept up most of the 30 some delegates from Colorado to the Republican national convention.

That would seem to make Trump a loser there, but in the meta-reality he creates he remains a winner.  He lost only because it is “rigged”system”.   Colorado has an unusual delegate selection process where caucuses are held around the state to elect delegates to a state convention to select delegates to the national convention (something like that).  Whatever its rationale, it doesn’t appear very democratic making it a big fat target for a Trump tirade.  The Donald does not even have to remind us that many Republican party insiders nationally are aiming at stopping Trump from getting the nomination, so it is easy to convey a sense that despite facts to the contrary Trump was somehow robbed of these Colorado delegates.

True the state delegate election rules are odd, but they have been available to all for months and while Trump blames the Republican National Committee for conspiring against him there, the National Committee doesn’t make state rules.  Also, if Trump wants to blame the system what about the part where he has received about 45% of delegates thus far while receiving only about 37% of the popular primary vote.  He does not question that part of the process.

Simply put the Cruz team was well prepared to gather delegates in Colorado and the Trump team was not.

In stating some facts above I was conscious of how irrelevant facts are when it comes to buying Trump’s message or not.  While facts suggest the loss in Colorado stemmed from shortcomings in himself and his campaign,  Trump has managed to focus attention on his theme of being a victim of a rigged system and making his fight seem even more heroic.

While he lost in Colorado in one way, he won in terms of bolstering his narrative.

Ya gotta to hand it to the guy….