TGIF ….. Thank God It’s Finally over tomorrow

Not the election of course, but at least these phony debates supposedly won by whomever we fancy that night, which is likely the one who launches the best zingers and commits the fewest gaffes.  Whose impact on others none of us really know despite polls that pretend to.

Our reactions to these verbal cage matches can be laughably fickle, such as the VP debate where we liked the way Governor Mike Pence handled himself, cool and collected, in comparison to Senator Tim Kaine, who came off as a little dog yapping at his heels about Trump misstatements and lies.

Nice guy Kaine was obviously given the role of attack dog for which he is poorly suited, though the Clinton apparatus probably got some good shots for commercials of his opponent dodging the charges.

From the general point of view, though, Pence’s crowning achievement that night was to ignore Kaine.  That was enough for some commentators to conclude that perhaps the Republican ticket would do better if reversed (when you’re teamed with King Kong that makes some sense).  And the following day I saw speculation that Pence might be seen as a frontrunner in 2020.

That’s how little it takes to appear presidential timber these days, leaving aside that Governor Pence’s popularity in his home state of Indiana is less than 50%.   All it took for Pence to look presidential was for Senator Kaine’s quiver of Trump’s lies to bounce off of him.

What does this have to do with tomorrow’s “debate”?  It is one itty bitty example of how wacky this election has been and will no doubt continue to be tomorrow night.

Actually I have written five posts that try to explain how recent events have led to tomorrow’s “nightmare” but who cares at this point, so I scrapped them.

In a few days I will try to write something about tomorrow night unless it leaves me too sick to try.

And I will look forward to November 9 when hopefully I will be able to talk again with a never-Hillary supporter who is otherwise a friend.