David Brooks says Republican Unity? No Way!

David Brooks is a moderate conservative and a brilliant analyst, with many insightful books and a regular NY Times column to his credit, as you probably know.  I was planning to put up a post today, but ran across his essay The Unity Illusion, which depicts Trump and his dysfunctional relationship to the Republican party so well that I’m happy to turn the microphone over to him.

Here is a nugget from the piece:  “The Republican Party can’t unify around Donald Trump for the same reason it can’t unify around a tornado. Trump, by his very essence, undermines cooperation, reciprocity, solidarity, stability or any other component of unity. He is a lone operator, a disloyal diva, who is incapable of horizontal relationships. He has demeaned and humiliated everybody who has tried to be his friend, from Chris Christie to Paul Ryan.”

Brooks’ essay is longer than my posts, but well worth the extra time.  Here is the link.