Judge Curiel: Trump Truthiness Counter Attacks the Liberal Media

I’m not eager to post again so soon, but I have a matter with a timely nature to talk about.   With the “liberal media,” which apparently includes the Wall Street Journal these days, raking Trump over the coals for his comments on the Mexican-American judge at his University trial, the Trump team is fighting back like the Germans at the Battle of the Bulge.

Trump has been so successful in the campaign with his counter attacks that I want to knock out some of his forces right away, especially after just watching one of his female surrogates, who reminded me of a Stepford wive with her unwavering gaze, sound very convincing on TV tying Curiel to the purportedly violence prone “La Raza,” whatever that is.

As the Trumpeters so often do, they have woven together various facts, often twisted in the process, and created a separate reality that makes Trump appear the victim of a biased judge and the liberal media rather than the instigator.   Apparently social media abounds with their truthy message right now, which is what has prompted me to write.

Here is their lowest, least truthful line of attack.  Judge Curiel is a member of La Raza, which is a terrorist organization who supports illegal immigration and has helped foment riots at Trump speeches.   Actually, Judge Curiel is a member of La Raza Lawyers Association, separate from the National Council of La Raza which,while open to criticism for tactics and positions, is not the evil bunch portrayed by Trump and his surrogates.  As Lisa Navarette, a spokeswoman responded to Trump team attacks:  “We’re sitting around arguing the minutiae of banking regulation, not running around in hoods.” 

Maybe not that innocent, I only have a general idea, but whatever it is it is not the La Raza Lawyer’s Association of which Judge Curiel is a member.

Well, Trump would argue, both organizations have La Raza (the race) in their names and that suggests they hate non-Hispanics.  Neverette points out that there are “thousands” of Latino organizations with La Raza in their names “La Raza as a nod to our common heritage.”

The same way, I would say, the conservative Heritage Foundation is a nod to our common heritage, not a nod to white supremacy.

So, here we have Trump doubling down on another overall lie, promulgated throughout social media and me wondering will he be able to put this one across like he has so many others?   Surely, those strong Trump supporters will swallow this fabrication hook “lie” and sinker.

I can only hope those whose minds are not yet made up can see Trump for what he is, a recent rendition of the fairy tale The Emperor has No Clothes.

P. S. – I’m sure most of you know I am indebted to Stephen Colbert for his creation of “truthiness” as a way of looking at and portraying truth without regard to factual evidence, logic or the like.   Also, if you want to know more about the NCLA and Trump’s illegitimate tying it to Judge Curiel, here’s a link.


Has Trump Finally, Finally, Finally Gone too Far?

Boy I hope so and it seems so, but the Svengali has managed to transmogrify so many traditional negatives into positives, I will wait for some confirmation in polls before popping any champagne bottles.

Of course I am talking about his accusing Judge Curiel in his Trump University case of making many unfair judgements against him because of the judge’s Mexican heritage and Trump’s plan to build a wall.  I’m one who is hesitant to use the word “racism” because it seldom illuminates anything, but in this case I’ll make an exception.  The fact Trump added that a Muslim judge might also be unfit to judge a case against him – because of his Muslim ban – well, one has to wonder if there is anyone sufficiently fit to judge the Donald.

Trump has gone so far wrong that many well known Republicans and the Wall Street Journal have denounced his words, with the Journal telling Trump he should apologize to the judge.  But, that is not Trump’s style.  So supporters have pulled together a defense of insinuation because Judge Curiel is a member of the La Raza Lawyers Association, which does support Latino lawyers.

From that they jump to accusing the organization of being involved in violent anti-Trump demonstrations, while giving it the same in depth analysis they did with connecting Ted Cruz’ father to the death of Jack Kennedy, or the foundational Trump lie, the birther conspiracy.

So, if Trump wants what seems to be a nice white likely Christian to judge him, how about Steve Brill? An award winning journalist with a Yale law degree, Mr. Brill has read all the court documents and calls Trump University a “scam”.   He adds that the judge, if anything, has been too responsive to Trump’s arguments at the expense of the plaintiffs.   He also notes that Trump lawyers have not asked for the judge to be recused, which is what you do if you actually want a new judge.

What Brill, among many have suggested, is that Trump is trying to get us to forget what seem the damning particulars of the case, and ponder instead the  judge’s legitimacy.

Brill also brings up a broader very important point and that is how the press generally has let Trump get by with saying things like “many lawyers tell me”  (many military experts tell me, many many whomevers tell me).  Brill says he’d like to know the name of one lawyer not intimately involved with the Trump campaign who would speak in his defense.

Occasionally someone has argued that Trump has never really wanted to become president, but just to show he could be if he wanted to.  His biggest win yet. That fits my sense that as much as he likes to win, he’s happy to move on to something else once he does.  If so, perhaps this is the first big step on his way to intentional self-destruction.  It would let him off the hook while he still could always brag that he could have made America great again, if we had not been so stupid to vote against him.

Hey, Donald, I hope you get the chance to call me stupid.

P. S. – Here’s a link to a New York Times article which provides background information on the case, including the story of Curiel facing death threats when a young prosecutor going after Mexican drug lords early in his career.