I Don’t Know About Good ‘Ol Joe….

Talking about Joe Biden, who I think has stayed one dance too long at the ball.  I think Joe your time has past.  You do not express the vitality you showed in accepting the VP nomination seven years ago (look at your 2012 acceptance speech) and though the current president may be only one Big Mac short of a heart attack, he looks more vigorous than you (a friend speculates some Botox help).

You look like a guy who wants to rest on your laurels.  And everything about you smacks of the past, so the age factor is not simply a matter of vitality, but of world view.   A fair account of your long political life would show much to praise, but this is a what-have-you-done-for-us-lately society.

You bring up the past too much, and how close you were to President Obama, being his right hand man.  Basically your campaign is “back to normalcy”.   Trump wouldn’t have been elected if so many people loved normalcy back then.

I recall a number of friends who voted for Trump, but would have chosen Bernie if they had the choice.  They wanted change from whatever corner.  I think the desire for trying something different remains.  Hard to know to what extent, but my sense is that it is key.

So, Joe what can you come up with in the primary “debate” in a couple of weeks?  Is there anything new in your play book?   And can you relocate some of that fire from a few years back?  Can you make your experience look presidential instead of just old?

P. S.  I know, as Trump unravels, “normalcy” might become valued like diamonds, but something more than that seems necessary to win the Democratic nomination.  And if Trump and the economy do hold together, i. e.  hold their own, offering something new and different might be just what the Democrats need to tip the balance their way.

Donald Trump, the Chosen One?

I have written and rewritten and trashed several posts over the past two weeks, because things kept changing so fast in Trumptopia I couldn’t figure out where to land.  He has produced a record amount of gibberish, especially over these last two days, so I’ve given up writing about it and sought help.

I’ve looked around for something that gives an overall gist of Trump’s ever wackier state of mind.  I think this article in the Guardian, a liberal English news source, captures Trump’s general state of incoherence quite well for those who want a momentary big picture of our little president.

Thanks Guardian.

Trump World: On the Way from the Surreal to the Absurd

Donald Trump’s tweet that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower is looking more and more like a case of the boy who cried wolf.  In other words, his credibility is looking shakier than an alcoholic in detox.

Perhaps he said it to distract attention from FBI probes about Russian involvement in the election.  Or maybe he was angry with Obama for one reason or another.   Who knows with him.  In any case the issue isn’t being left behind like so many of his other outrageous statements that helped propel him to – egads – the presidency.   The story has legs and he and his team would like to undercut them.

However, while his spin-miesters, like spokesman Sean (Bagdad Bob) Spicer and Kellyanne (disinfomainiac) Conway, author of the “alternative facts” line of argument, have continually tried to make the twaddle their master  wrote sound sensible, most observers who aren’t married to conspiracy theories laugh at these evasions.

In short, this fabrication may and hopefully will prove to be a “bridge too far”   for Trump.  That it will produce a “credibility gap” to a degree not quite seen since  President Johnson’s actions fathered the notion during the Vietnam War.

As is usually part of their evasive tactics, Trump and his Trumpeters deny the literal meaning of his own blather, acting as if the president is an inscrutable poet.  They all emphasize that Trump put “wiretapping” in quotes, meaning as everyone should know, not necessarily literal wire tapping but a broad term indicating any kind of surveillance, direct or indirect.  He was speaking figuratively as you many English majors out there should grasp.  Or for you Buddhists, think of Trump as a master of the Zen koen.  Think about it.

And when it comes to surveillance, well that can amount to anything, even a microwave capable of taking your picture, as  Kellyanne suggested in one interview.  These days there are all sorts of instruments that can help surveil, she more or less said.

Her source?  “I read it somewhere.”  Working in the White House, couldn’t she find a better source than “somewhere”?   Say, the huge intelligence agencies we have?

“I read it somewhere” is the standard of proof for any White House inquiry these days, which is why I feel we have moved from the surreal to the absurd.   Trump often backs his wild charges by saying he read or saw something, as if anything out there that can be read or seen can be viewed as a reliable source.

How about something written in a public bathroom stall?   Does that count?   Yes, I would say as long as it supports something our president either already believes or wants us to believe or both.  I feel weak kneed imagining  we elected  a virtual 5th grader on speed to be president, who has brought along a team of playmates to continue the party.

What may be most disturbing is I believe when President Johnson lied, he knew he was not telling the truth.  I’m not sure that this president is always aware of the difference.