A Recap of Trump’s State of the Disunion Speech and the Nunes Memo

Despite asserting in my previous post that I wouldn’t waste my time watching Trump  spew his twisted, vomitacious version of reality, I did against my better judgement.  I kept from upchucking by frequent surfing to college basketball games to regain my composure.  March Madness is coming up which I hope will be a refreshing, fun antidote for a few weeks to the daily craziness of Trumptopia.

The Washington Post fact checkers (There must be an army of them by now, one area of job growth the president can take credit for) describe about as much as you need to know when they say they “took a look at 18 of President Trump’s claims — job creation, wage growth, tax cuts and more — and found him stretching the truth, inflating the effects of his actions or taking credit for things that happened under his predecessor.”

In other words it was B. S. developed into an art form.  A story of how the Donald took what he called “carnage” in his first speech as president a year ago into the increasingly rich and vibrant society we live in now with the prospect of even more vibrance and riches in the years to come.

As long as we unite around him.  Applauding him and doing what he wants is his version of unity. I would add he emphasized unity at the beginning and then said all sorts of things to make those who dislike him already, dislike him even more, where that is possible.

For those who might want to look at one or more of those 18 claims dissected, go here.

The Nunes Memo basically asserts FBI partisan mishandling of its early investigation of wire taps tied to the Trump collusion investigation.  The Republicans act like they just want more “transparency” in the process, but since the Memo was developed over months by Republican Nunes it looks like a cherry picked version of the so-called truth.

Most importantly right now is the president wants to release it despite public warnings by the FBI.   “With regard to the House Intelligence Committee’s memorandum, the FBI was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it. As expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”

Trump must be furious with FBI Director Wray for publicly opposing his wishes.  He might release the memo today, which figures to prompt a showdown with the FBI.  Even if he doesn’t release it, it figures to remain a big, ongoing story.

Trump’s State of the Disunion Message Tonight

I’ve tried to begin various versions of this post, but have ground to a halt each time.  Why speculate on what he will say?  We never know what he really means.  He often doesn’t know what he really means but those gut instincts of his have served him well.  He remains afloat by playing upon the fears, the hunger for simplicity and the resentments of many Americans, like a music phenom plays a Strativarius.   Meanwhile he will talk about wanting to unify the country when he has done the exact opposite this past year.  I imagine even his supporters don’t see him as a unifier.  They just want to see him bully their imagined enemies in government.

In broad terms, whatever he says, the big news is how he and his minions in Congress and Trump TV (a.k.a.  Fox “News”, with a couple exceptions) are steadily creating the alternative reality to challenge what is likely to come out of the Mueller investigation, a combination of charges and actions worthy of impeachment.  When that time comes, the Trumpeteers want a well established narrative that undermines the credibility of Mueller and the FBI itself, so Trump can challenge the charges, maybe even plead the 5th Amendment. The latest attack comes from what is called the “Nunes” memo, which you can google and judge for yourself.  So bogus if you know the history.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to be nice to his Russian buddy Vlad by cancelling plans yesterday for additional sanctions on Russia for interfering with our elections, sanctions that were passed in Congress by near unanimous majorities last summer.  The White House has dragged its collective feet for months and finally, last night 10 minutes before the deadline, they cancelled them saying they didn’t seem necessary now.

Not necessary?   Trump appointed CIA Director Mike Pompeo said earlier that day he expects Russia to try to interfere in our 2018 elections.  And then that night, the White House says no need for more sanctions?  It makes no sense but at this point lying has worked so well, who cares about contradictions, even when obvious. And so far Congress has barely raised a peep, as if they are all mesmerized.

I won’t watch the speech, but tomorrow I will be  curious to know if Trump brings up his plan for immigration reform.  Both the right and the left hate it, which says to me:  Hey, there might be a decent deal to be made.  If Trump actually could pull off a deal on immigration I might have to say something nice.  But my guess is he won’t even try.  He just wants to put the Dems in a position where they will have to refuse the deal.  He doesn’t have the courage to make his base angry.

Oh, by the way, tied to some DACA deal is the necessity to add another budget extension (our 5th I think since October) in nine days.

Our fly by night budget system suits our fly by night president.   It is only fitting that after Trump’s speech Jimmy Kimmel will host Stormy Daniels, called a porn star paramour of Trump who was allegedly paid off to keep silent prior to the election.  In the pre-Trump era that would be BIG NEWS – the president and the porn star…..

Now it is just another side show in Trump’s 23 ring circus.  Given all the geological layers of recently uncovered sleazy behavior by men in power, consensual sex, even while his wife was pregnant and a big payoff for silence was made, seems pretty tepid stuff.

Welcome to Trumptopia.