The Shootings Yesterday: A New Political Low

I sit here not knowing what to say.   Sad to say, I can understand the guy who decided on a simple solution to solving our political problems:   Shoot everybody you don’t like.   It is so simple and so attractive in this age of gyrating complexity and dwindling shared truths.   It is a way to become a hero in your own mind.   And you know you are going to get the nation’s full attention.   So, in a way you win the celebrity game even though you won’t likely be around to see it.

To me the Beatles captured the feeling:  “Happiness is a warm gun.”

It is a moment when all of your frustrations, resentments and pain can find a moment of glee.   Instead of being small and impotent on the national stage, you become all powerful.   Finally you can make others pay for your misery.

But if you have a bit of sanity left think of this.   Your trying to kill Republicans, some on the other side, as unhappy as you, will try to kill Democrats.  And the killing will go back and forth endlessly like the Hatfields and McCoys.  Like the Israelis and Palestinians.  Like the Sunni and the Shia.

How is this going to make things better for anyone?   Please think about it.

P. S. – I’m happy the Republicans and Democrats in Congress our playing a game tonight.  I wonder if they’ll put it on television.   Just seeing them playing together might help us better come to our senses.